Friday, September 07, 2007

Gah, I've caught the bug


As Thundy pointed out in her blog the other day, everyone seems to be having a rather shit time at the moment.

It seems to have caught up with me. Dammit.

I was rather hoping to avoid it.
So, life isn't the best at the moment, everything seems to be going wrong and I've spent a good deal of time lately in tears. I'm just lucky that I have such a wonderful and understanding husband. I told Christian the other day that I'm thinking of running away somewhere but he managed to put it a little into perspective.

Anyway, I apologise for the rather abrupt change of tone, I try not to be too down when posting.
For that reason (among others) I won't go into details on here but I do promise that as soon as anything exciting or upbeat occurs, you guys will be the first to know.


oppiejoe said...

*Hugs without letting go*

MadCarlotta said...

Oh dear....:(


Well, you have my MSN now, if you want to vent :)

Smerk said...

Oh dear. Please don't pass it on to me. I'm hoping I'm getting out of my dip now.

Tah said...

I'm sorry to hear that, Nettie. But things will swing positive again. And soon, I'm sure. :-)


Transfrmr said...

Without the lowest of lows, we'd never know how high we can really go.

I'm sorry to hear you're in a droop Nettie, but glad to hear that you have someone wonderful to help carry you through the mud :)

Hopefully the clouds will clear soon, and you'll step back into the sunlight :)