Monday, September 24, 2007

Why can this not be simple???

I've been trying to share some photos I've taken recently with some friends but to share pics through snapfish or facebook it seems you have to create an account. How bloody annoying is that? So I thought bugger that, I'll just do a blog post.
I have no idea if photobucket is the same or not. Hopefully one of you guys (Neo, Tah or Transfrmr) will be able to enlighten me on the best way to share pics without running into all this crap. You know how useless I am when it comes to technamological things like this, I'm lucky I've got you guys round ;-)

Okies, here goes (and sorry to Acci in advance)

The boys were mucking about with my camera, taking pics of the Levin and GTR with a 15 sec exposure time. It looked awesome when a car drove past in the background.

These next ones were from across the street. We loved the fact that the tree was outlined against the blue sky and we had fun turning on different lights on the cars and seeing the effect.

Mike flicked on his fog lights for just a second in this pic.

They must get some kick-arse fog in Japan to need fog lights like these...

Kat and've all seen a billion shots like this before but still, we keep on taking them.

Kat sneaking up on her Mike.

Christian avoiding the camera, as usual.

Got him (kind of).

The following shots are of Jacoby Park up near Mundaring. I thought I'd posted them here before but obviously not.

I love the pine plantation thing they've got going on. Jacoby Park is my favourite place in the whole world. I love going there. It's just so beautiful.

Spider web. This was my fist attempt at the manual focus thingy. As you can see, it didn't work out the best.

This hill is actually quite steep but you know how it is, photos just can't capture it. Standing at the top though, the pine needles are quite slippery and you feel like you're going to just topple over. It's awesome being up there and the climb is heaps of fun.

This is 'The Big Tree' in the middle of the park. She's lost most of her leaves because it's winter but in summer she's really beautiful.

The little creek that runs through the park.

Gotta love the pipeline. When we were kids we'd take towels with us and 'slide down' the pipe. Of course, it's too rough to really slide so you kind of just scoot down on your arse. Again, in real life it's much steeper than depicted here. With my intense fear of heights I really don't know what the hell I was thinking as a kid...

Just a another view from the top of the hill.

Boo and I are kindred spirits. We just can't go past graffiti without getting a snapshot...

Baby maggie. Gotta love my zoom.

My old dog Sam used to love swimming in this dam...
I love taking photos of water and seeing the reflections that you get.

Naked tree! Cover your shame!

I love the stark difference between the white gums and the other trees.

I haven't played with the macro setting yet (I need a tripod first) but I did have fun playing about with the manual zoom.

Anyway, that's it for now. Sorry bout the two posts in two days and the ridiculous amount of photos. Catch you later loves.


barb said...

Pruuuuurty photos nettie! So you reckon Will should have his birthday at Jacoby park?? That can be your next quiz :P asking people where Wil should have his party and what cake :) Im all outa ideas and dont have a blog so I will use yours :)))

MadCarlotta said...

Nice pics! What is the pipeline for?

Photobucket will work for sharing pics w/ friends, family etc, and they don't have to open their own account. That's what I use to show pictures of my daughter to my family.

Nettie said...

Thanks MC!

The pipeline takes water from Mundaring Weir, about two kms from Jacoby Park all the way out to the Goldfields, ending at Kalgoorlie.

NEO said...

Yeah I think you have to create an account on photobucket also, but to let some one look at them they don't have to. It isn't too difficult, just agree to give up your immortal soul when and if they call for it.

Nice pictures, I like the spider web one, looks good. Keep it up.

Mouse said...

I like the 'naked tree' photo best. :)

Tah said...

Nice photos. I like the big tree, even when it's mostly bare (naked). I've always like the natural shapes and twists and turns of trees.

And I use for my photos. You have to pay (they may have a small account for free with limited space), but I used it because my mom does. You can also order prints directly from them.

My photo album is linked off my blog if you have the least interest in checking it out. (And speaking of which, I really need to update the links on my blog...)

LaMa said...

Nice pics. You don't need a tripod for macro by the way, unless the scenery is very dark.

Try Google Picassa. You can create an album there and send people invitations to look at it. They don't have to have an account themselves. Some ISP's (e.g. mine) offer a similar thing, so check out your ISP as well.