Monday, September 10, 2007

Blatant disregard for the law

Well I've kind of recovered from my bout of self pity from the other day. The problem is still there, it's not something that's going to go away in a hurry but I'm learning to deal with it. Thanks for all the hugs though, it really does help.

Now, I have a story to share with you all.

Last night Christian and I went to the movies (saw Bourne Ultimatum again - it's good) and ended up seeing a late session. We'd gone to a cinema complex rather far away from us as we met up with Kat and Mike ... ok, I wasn't going to mention the name of the suburb as it's just plain embarrassing but I may as well so you can all have a good laugh at us Aussies and our funny names.


Yes, we've heard all the jokes before, there's no need to repeat them people!

So, Innaloo is about a half hour drive away from us, depending on traffic and we were heading home rather close to midnight. We come up to a set of traffic lights and needed to turn right. The lights were green but with a red arrow, meaning you have to stop.

Apparently the rules don't apply to my husband though! He just drove straight through it. I saw what he was about to do and I let out a babble of words along the lines of 'Red light, it's a red light, Christian it's red, red means stop, red light, can you not see that?' but it didn't do me any good as he drove straight through it.
I was shocked I tell you, shocked! His reply to my minor panic attack was 'There was no one about and if I had stopped we'd have been there for another five minutes, I just want to get home.'
I then spurted off a whole heap of reasons why he should have stopped anyway including that there could have been a cop behind us, a pedestrian may have been crossing, numerous other unlikely events. Christian shot them all down and then demanded to know why I was so worked up. 'Because it's a blatant disregard for the law!' I managed to splutter indignantly.

To which all he could do was laugh.

As we continued to drive home Christian then pointed out other people flaunting the law.
There was one guy who didn't fully stop at a stop sign. I told Christian that he must be part of the same club, that I'm sure he reads his blog and they attend meetings together, figuring out the best ways to break the road rules.
A little old lady with private plates hurtled past us doing about ten k's over the limit. I said Christian is probably chummy with her too to which he replied 'Oh yes, Ida and I go waaaaaaaay back, she's a veteran when it comes to speeding.'
The guy who drove through the orange light in front of us is apparently just a newbie but he'll get the swing of running red lights soon enough.
And on it went.

I guess I've just taken better notice of all the road safely campaigns and their catchy slogans over the years. When I was in Edinburgh we all talked about different slogans and I don't think anyone had any as fun as ours. Here's a few.

Pedestrians have right of way - ok!

If you drink and drive, you're a bloody idiot.

Drop five - stay alive.

Remember, yawning is a warning.

Road safely is no accident.

Driving this Christmas? Don't be a turkey.

Tired if living? Drive tired.

As Christian doesn't read my blog perhaps I should email him a list of these slogans and hope they'll sink in that way?
Or maybe I'll just save my breath.


Smerk said...

What would you prefer, though? Innaloo, or Upper Swan? ;-)

thunderstruck said...

Innaloo is an awesome name :)

I like your poll thing, Dougal is OBVIOUSLY the best character!!

Yeah, people don't really take much notice of the law do they? As I can't learn to drive I won't know for a while if I will, though I think I will, I'd be too terrified of hitting someone to speed or jump a light! Though if people walk out in front of my dad he speeds up just to teach them not to walk out in front of cars.

Once he accidently nearly hit me and my sister, not realising it was us. That taught HIM.

oppiejoe said...

traffic signs are merely suggestions sweetie...

Mouse said...

I like the second slogan best! :-)

NEO said...

I get very angry when I see people who have a blatant disregard for the law.
Oh yeah and stop signs with a white band around the red part are optional.

LaMa said...

:-D That second slogan beats them all!