Monday, April 02, 2007

Teapotty goodness

I was chatting to Boo the other morning on msn and I told her about how I got one of those tea-for-one teapots. I think they're awfully cute plus it was on sale! How could I resist such a bargain? Christian doesn't quite grasp the concept, saying if I want tea for one, I should just use a teabag. Christian as you may have figured, doesn't drink tea. I got a photo of my teapot for you all to admire.

Ok, go ahead, admire away :)

Boo also asked me what plans I had for the weekend. I told her I was going up to my Mums' to drop some stuff off, then I was going to soccer to watch the boys play and then I was going to go for a big walk around the river with Barb. I was instructed to take my trusty camera along with me to capture my day.

I wanted to try and get a photo of the scenery on the drive up to my Mums' as she lives in the hills just down the road from where I used to live. Problem was, it was just me in the car at the time. This is my one handed attempt whilst driving at taking a good photo.

Thankfully I didn't pass any cops as I'm sure they place photography while driving in the same category as using a mobile phone while driving. I got to Mums' in one piece and we had a cup of tea and a chat. I took a photo of her pond for you all and also of the hippo that spits water into the pond. I guess if I was a hippo with a tube shoved up my arse, I'd most likely spit water too.

There were some baby maggies playing up the back and I tried to get close enough to get a good photo. The maggies there are really quite tame as my Mum feeds them a lot (they'll come right up to the back door and even into the house if they can get in to sqwark at her to feed them) but with the babies they weren't as trusting and so this is as close as I could get. One of them kept rolling over onto his back, almost as a dog would and playing dead. It was quite funny.

Alas, after I left Mums' I failed miserably at my appointed task. I did go to soccer but I didn't really feel quite comfortable taking photos of the guys as most of them I don't really know very well. Mike was there ( a nice surprise as I thought he was away for the weekend) and I've posted photos of him on here before, and you've all seen photos of Christian so I didn't think you'd be missing out all that much. Especially Super Intelligent Hunky Sex God Brother Mike and Acci who I'm sure don't particularly want to see photos of sexy blokes anyway.
While I was at soccer I had a good read of the Thai Chi Times (I think it was called anyway). There was a wonderful piece in there written by someone called Smerk, no idea who that could be ;)

I also didn't end up going for a walk along the river as Barb pulled out on me as it was going to be just too late. Instead I dragged my dogs around the neighbourhood and unfortunately with a leash in both hands and a rocket on the end of each, it's a tad difficult to take photos.

Perhaps next time I shall be more successful. But you got to see my teapot and really, that's what's important eh?


Hieronymus Anonymous said...

That teapot's very pretty, sweetie.

And your mum's pond is COOL!

oppiejoe said...

I want a hippo with a tube in it's arse *laughs*

Mouse said...

Yes, dear - it's a lovely teapot... *patpat*

smerk said...

How on earth did you manage to get that newsletter!?!?

And I did more than just write an article...

And now I've gone extremely red...

ScarletManuka said...

Someone had left it lying around next to the court and I just happened to pick it up.
And you're so cute when you go red!

barbie said...

hehem, yes its a lovely teapot nettie and im glad its on sale as i paid for it!! AHAHAAHA. Hmmmm we started the shopping with you offering to pay for my teapot if thats all i was getting then i ended up paying for your teapot my teapot and your ergo icecream scoop that cost 20 bucks! and to top it all off it cost more than both our tea pots combined! But thats ok cause you have paid for soooooooo much of my stuff in the past AND the icecream scoop was kinda free cause we stole itAHAHA just kidding we used my free voucher i got. YAY LOVE YOU MMMMWA

MadCarlotta said...

I really need a new teapot myself!

and I love yours. I should knit you a cozy for it :)