Friday, April 06, 2007

Off on an Adventure!

Well, almost.

Adventure World (Perth's rather second-rate amusement park) had a corporate day today and through my social club at work I managed to pick up some super cheap tickets for my family.

We loaded two cars with kids, eskis and picnic blankets and were on our way.

When we arrived we discovered that quite a few more tickets than we expected had been sold. We ended up parking a mile away from the front gates and had to then lug kids, eskis and picnic blankets all that way. We did have a rather scenic view of Bibra Lake on our way though, looking lovely and ...dry. Damn drought.

We couldn't find where my social club had set up so we found our own little spot in the shade and after lunch we got down to the business of the rides. The kids were uber excited and we headed off towards the kiddie rides first. Several more rides had been bought in especially for the day and so they had a ball going on as many as they could. Darce was a little scared of some of them but Chiara had a heap of fun on the more daring ones.

This is Chiara on the Little Leaper (third from left). It was the second time for had been on it but both times she went on alone as Darce was too frightened.

The guy who was operating the ride was really fun and had a great way with the kids. He'd ask which of the kids wanted to stay dry and then spray the others with a hose. As most of the kids had just come from the water slides, not too many said no.

The castle in the middle of the park has recently had a make-over and we got all excited thinking that they had re-opened it. About twenty years ago when we were kids they had it decked out as a vampire castle and you'd walk through it and look at ghouls and monsters while dodging vampires, before ending up on a balcony with a stunning view. There were signs everywhere pointing to the Castle Lookout and so we made our way over to it.

Unfortunately it was still closed off. The 'lookout' was up one flight of stairs on the outside of the castle. The kids were pretty disappointed, almost as much as we adults were!

My sisters and I then went on a few rides, including the one below, the Power Surge. I went on it first with Barb and thought it was really fun as it did all the upside-down things but you didn't get jerked back and forth like some rides tend to do. So Jo decided to go on it with me as I said it was pretty lame and she's not too fond of the scary rides. Thirty seconds into it she's proclaiming how much she hates me and how she will never ever forgive me. I replied asking her if she'd lost her balls on her thirtieth birthday.

Another one of Adventure Worlds' signatures is the Skull Cave. It's pretty cool looking and I knew I just had to get a photo of it for my Goth friends (you know who you are!). Unfortunately it's pretty boring inside. You just climb up some stairs to get through it and it's very fibre glass looking inside.

There's an enclosure near Kids' Cove that has lots of native Australians (of the animal variety!) and I took some pics for them for you. There were lots of emus but they ran away when I tried to get photos and I didn't really want to post seven different photos of an emu's butt as he's running off. This is the only decent photo I got.

The koalas didn't do much (do they ever?) except for sitting around looking stoned. Really, they may be cute but they're bloody boring!

This koala wasn't boring though. He went around the park giving everyone hugs and dancing and Jo was kind enough to take a pic for you all. Darce wasn't at all impressed with him as she could see his arms where his gloves were coming off and realised he wasn't a real koala. She then stormed off, mightily offended and when we asked her about it she huffed 'He's tricking everyone into believing he's a real koala, but he's not. He's a human! It's just a costume Mummy!'. We didn't have much luck convincing her that we had known all along that he wasn't a real koala...

Christian isn't a big fan of Adventure World and spent the entire day sitting on the rug. He didn't move once! I came back at one stage to find he had borrowed my hat to stop from getting burnt. It was then that I felt it necessary to inform him that we had sunscreen in my bag.

He didn't bother with the sunscreen in the end and spent a lot of time dozing. Honestly, it was the most expensive nap he's ever taken!

And that was my exciting day out! Honestly, I'm pooped. I just feel like going to bed but it's only 7:30 and that's too wimpish, even for me!

Take care guys and have a wonderful Easter!


Mouse said...

I want a garden big enough to have a Skull Cave in it!

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

Oh my god! That Skull Cave looks so cool!

Looks like you had a great time, love. :)

thunderstruck said...

Tee hee!! I want to go!!
Looks pretty cool!