Sunday, April 22, 2007

A little re-organising

Well, I've not been able to find any magic button to show my labels at the bottom of each post so I've added the label element to my template so there's a big loooooong list of them over there on the right. *points*
I also went in and edited a whole heap of my posts, dating back to May last year to add labels to them. If I can be bothered I'll try and get to the rest of them some other time.

Had a pretty interesting day today. Yesterday wasn't that bad either. After gyming I headed off to the shops to try and find some shoes to go with my pretty dress I ordered (it should arrive this week - yay!). To my surprise I did find some shoes that fit my fat arse German feet. They're really just fancy silver thongs but they have some strapping that wraps around your ankles to smarten them up a bit. They were also on sale, ten bucks! Can't argue with that.

This morning Christian and I played mini golf with our friend Jason (you last saw him at Hyde Park with his unicycle) and had tremendous fun. Then after lunch we headed off to soccer under a cloudy sky (honestly, it had been completely clear all morning till then!). Mike was at soccer and after reassuring myself he was ok after the split, the boys started to play.
Now, their Sunday games are just a scratch match - pretty friendly but they can get a bit rough (accidentally of course). Today Christian went to kick the ball and Steve went to kick the ball and Steve ended up getting Christian's ankle instead. Apparently a 'crack' was heard, Christian couldn't walk and I went to get an ice pack. After ten minutes or so, Christian's foot was very swollen, starting to bruise and extremely painful. It was at that point we decided a visit to the hospital wouldn't be a bad idea. Mike and Nick both tried to help Christian to the car but it didn't really work well as he's just so much taller than both of them and so he hobbled out himself.
We went to Swan's and didn't really wait very long at all at the after hours clinic. It turns out Christian has damaged several ligaments but nothing is broken so he should recover fairly soon.
I think he rather enjoyed it when we got home and I ran around fetching stuff for him, turning on the telly, passing him the PS2 remote, cooking dinner...pretty much what I do normally ;-)

Anyway, that's about it for now. I'll stop now before I bore you all to tears with the second post in almost as many days.


MadCarlotta said...

So you have trubble finding shoes, eh? Is there an equivalent of for Australia?

I have big feet too, US size 10's. I can usually find my size in stores, but my feet are just a tad wide. Not wide enough to warrant special order, but wide enough to make breaking in some shoes a rather painful endeavor.

If I weren't already at the top limit of the sizes available, I'd just go one larger to give me more room, but it's very rare that stores stock 11's. If they do, it's not usually in the shoe I want.

I've heard that things are changing now because apparently all these HOllywood starlets have huge feet. Paris Hilton, Gwen Stefani, that chick who played Jean Grey in the X-men....They all are at least size 11, maybe even bigger. I haven't shopped for shoes in awhile though, so I can't say if larger sizes are more available now or not.

There used to be this French shoe store in NYC that I LOVED because they carried 10.5's and that was PERFECT. The shoes were expensive though. :-\

ScarletManuka said...

I've had to have shoes made for me before Carlotta, especially once I started working at the bank. Before then at my last jobs I'd just wear men's steel capped boots which fit fine but I needed court shoes for the bank and I just couldn't find any wide enough. They cost me a friggin fortune and aren't the most attractive shoes in the world.

Women are always saying that every woman loves to buy shoes, but I would have to put it on a par with bra shopping. It's not fun

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that Christian's ankle is going to be ok.

Mouse said...

Awww... poor Christian! Actually, no. Poor you having to run around after him!

smerk said...

Meh, don't worry about the tags, Nettie.

And yes, the weather was odd yesterday. I had someone at tai chi say she left home in Kalamunda in a full on storm at 9 am, and it was fine and sunny at Loftus.

Wolfbyte said...

Whenever I need to buy shoes it usually goes like this:

Excuse me good sir, would you mind bringing out both pairs of shoes in a size 13 and I'll flip a coin?

And the guy is all like:

I'm sorry sir, but we just can;t cater to every freak of nature to walk in here

Then I go home and cry into my giant pillow.

Accipiter said...

It's odd, but I've never met anyone who actually seemed to have an easy time buying shoes. I'm at the upper range in men's sizes myself, which means that I usually have maybe half two or three pairs to choose from in any store. And if you want real fun, try finding combat boots in 13 wide. Then there was my wife, who had very high arches (she was told that she had perfect feet for ballet), so she ended up having to buy fancy ballet shoes half the time.

Semi-related musing: I wonder why they feel the need to make one scale of shoe sizes for men, and one for women?

And I'm glad that Chris is going to be fine. That's one of the reasons I don't play games like rugby or lacrosse. Be sure to keep a list of all the chores that he's missing out on, so that he can go through it and perform them all when he's better!