Saturday, April 21, 2007

Like sands through the hour glass

Yesterday was the eleventh anniversary of Christian and me being together. A lot of people say we're silly to celebrate that particular date considering we're married now but to us, this anniversary, as opposed to our wedding one, is much more important. We were togther for seven and a half years before tying the knot and all that really did was make the whole thing official. We'd much rather celebrate the date we met than the day we signed some papers and had a fancy cake.

Anyway, we decided to go out for dinner and, long story short, both my sisters and super intellegent, hunky sex god brother Mike came too. We had a good night out, even though my dress never arrived in time so I had to wear something different. I only got one photo the whole night because I just plain forgot, and the photo I got isn't very good at all, but here it is.

Let's just say these types of photos don't usually work out when someone has really short arms and is trying to take a photo of themselves and someone who is much taller...

So anyway, it was a good night and after dinner Barb and Mike came back to our place, bringing with them what seemed like an entire liquor store. We had fun making up different cocktails but as usual, even with such a large quantity of booze at my disposal, I didn't get drunk.

Nothing else has really been happening. I was rather sick last week with a nasty tummy bug but I seem to have survived. Before soccer on Wednesday we went to Tiho's house so the boys could play Magic. I guess watching a group of guys (most much older than myself) play a card game based on you being a wizard can rub off because I've asked Christian to teach me how to play it. I believe my transformation into full blown nerd is almost complete.

It was a bit of a sad week at work because one of our regular customers died. She was a rather disturbed older lady who was always a pain to serve (man could she berate you on bad handwriting!) but she had had a hard life and was always in a lot of pain. She ended her life herself in the most horribe way imaginable - she set fire to herself but hopefully she has found some peace now.

And the only other news I have is that after seven years together Mike and Julie have broken up. They were always an odd couple and I could never understand the relationship but it seemed to have worked for them to a degree. I was a little shocked when I heard the news but I guess not overly surprised. Julie is apparently heading off down south as she's been appointed as priestess of some strange religion...go figure. Christian says Mike has been a bit moody but he's not sure if it's because of the split or because of the giving-up smoking. With Mike it's sometimes hard to tell. Oh and I'd just like to say :P to Brother Mike for his little comment. When he found out about the split he said to Barb 'Oh, so has Nettie called it off with Christian yet?'.

Mike's hot and all, but he's no Christian.

Ok my loves, that's about it for now. I've promised Boo when my dress arrives I shall get many photos for you all so you have that to look forward to anyway.



Mouse said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your anniversary, sweetie! We celebrate our wedding anniversary, but also the anniversary of our first 'official' date. More chances to go out for dinner... ;-)

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

I think the photo's sweet.
And I have a Magic deck somewhere...

ScarletManuka said...

We also celebrate our wedding anniversary, we just don't make such a big deal out of it as with this one.
And it's about the only time we go out to dinner too! Unless it's for a birthday, but the only other time!

Wolfbyte said...

Fun was had by all. Especially the owners of the liquor store, who can now go on that holiday.

And to Mike (who will likely never read this), "Rock on dude, giving up smoking is the only thing I've ever had to do which was harder than the TEE exams. I respect your choice. Respect."