Wednesday, April 04, 2007

How age has changed me

I've found that since I've gotten older I've become quite a lot more politically incorrect than I used to be.
I'm not saying I've turned into one of those dreadful old women who say whatever they feel like, usually uncomplimentary things about the person next to them in line at the shops, as loud as they possibly can.
It's more in my general conversations.
For example if I see someone doing something completely moronic I'm more often than not going to make the comment 'Gosh, are they retarded or something?'
Now when I was younger I would never use the word 'retarded'. This may or may not be due to my mothers' influence (Mum worked in Disabilities for years and would have cuffed me round the ear if she's heard that term come out of my mouth). I have just always thought it to be too derogatory a word to use. But something has changed in me and my way of thinking and I'm not too sure what it is.

Another example is I'll make bitchy comments about people in a grumbly sort of way. The other day Barbie and I were at the shops and this really tall guy was walking sooooo slowly down the middle of the isle and we couldn't get past. After we'd detoured out of our way I mumbled to myself 'Honestly, could you move any slower Goliath?'
Barbie heard me, gasped and told me off for being mean. As you may have guessed, she found this out of character for me.

I've also noticed that when it comes to the native population of Australia (and I'm sure calling them 'natives' isn't exactly PC) I've found myself becoming more and more cynical. When I worked in my last job I'd see a young Aboriginal girl walk in wearing a really nice top and I'd automatically think 'I wonder where she stole that from?'
Now I have a theory that I think this way about this particular group because almost every time I'd do a bag check as they left the store I'd find several small but valuable items shoved at the bottom of their bags.
I don't have this opinion about the whole race, I've met many upstanding citizens whose ancestors probably used to camp in what is now my backyard. It's just after a while the actions of a few really start to reflect badly on the rest of a group.

I guess in such a politically correct society any little thing I do I find myself over-evaluating. I'm just glad that I have a circle of friends who are probably just as un-PC as I am and don't get all huffy when I say something that I really shouldn't. And if any of you do, then you're probably hanging about with the wrong crowd.


Mouse said...

I tend to think things like that, but usually don't say them out loud. ;-)

smerk said...

I think a lot of people think like that. Just decide to not engage the mouth and share it with the world all the while. ;P

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

Heh. Yeah, I agree with the others.

MadCarlotta said...

When I was pregnant, I used to hang out on this forum for...pregnant women and women TTC (trying to conceive). It was a HUGE forum with women from all walks of life and all sorts of fertility scenarios.

Anyhow, I posted a thread in their OT forum ranting about how my husband had taken it upon himself to clean the toilet (which I greatly encourage)but had scratched it up so bad that it looked like he had tried to flush Wolverine. I had titled the thread "Why Are Men So Retarded?"


You would not believe the firestorm that I started! I guess there was a rather large amount of women there who had Downs babies.

I felt bad, but I mean if you look it up the definition does apply. Sheesh ;)

MadCarlotta said...

Um, in my previous post, in the second to last paragraph:


Just for Boo.
And Mouse.