Sunday, April 15, 2007

An unexpected visitor

A lady I work with had a little soiree at her house yesterday which ended up being heaps of fun. Her name is Karen and she's an absolute blast to work with. Very very funny and can keep the straightest face I've ever seen. Unless you see the tiny wink she gives you, it's very hard to tell if she's being serious or not. She's also a kiwi and even though she's been here for 27 years now, she still sounds like she's just stepped off the plane. We have loads of fun with her accent, especially when she swears (Oh shut! What the if have I done?)
She lives forever away though so it took a bit of strategic planning for me to get there without driving myself (I was having a few drinks). In the end I managed to get a lift there and back with various other co-workers.

Karen has recently had a spa installed so we were told to bring our bathers and it turned into a spa-ree if you will. Unfortunately for me on Friday Aunt Urma decided to visit me rather unexpectedly. She came with a vengeance and I've spent the last few days in a bit of a pain-killer induced daze. Hurrah for being a woman!

I do however have a few new odd spots to share with you.

Odd Spot #324 : An ostrich egg can make 11.5 omlettes

Odd Spot #80 : A blue whale's heart beats nine times per minute

Odd Spot #70 : A claque refers to a group of people hired to applaud an act or peformer

Odd Spot #134 : There are more people in the world who eat alligators than there are alligators who eat people

Odd Spot #316 : When viewed from above, rainbows appear to be doughnut-shaped

Odd Spot #216 : Someone who has an irrational fear of meat is carnophobic

Odd Spot #216 : Pandas spend approximately 12 hours a day eating bamboo

Odd Spot #277 : Before launching his movie career, Keanu Reeves managed a pasta shop in Toronto, Canada

Odd Spot #197 : Lungs are 100 times easier to blow up than a child's balloon.

Odd Spot #101 : The literal translation of the word 'wonton' is "swallowing a cloud"

Odd Spot #54 : In Pacific Grove, California, it is a misdemeanour to kill a butterfly.


MadCarlotta said...

I would love to try an ostrich egg. I remember a blog post about someone who bought an Emu egg to try it, it was hysterical:

MadCarlotta said...

Sigh. I meant to hit "preview" not publish on the above post. Sorry about that.

Here is a tidier link

Mouse said...

Ooh, I can see the comments page properly, for the first time in weeks! That's why I haven't been commenting on anyone's blogs - it wouldn't let me.

thunderstruck said...

I can't see the tag things, but I really want to see a rainbow from above!

LaMa said...

Concerning odd spot #316: it is no longer called a rainbow then, but a "glory"

And Thundy, they are very usual to see from an airplane when passing over clouds with the sun in the back. You'll see the shadow cast by the plane, with a colourful circle around it.