Sunday, April 29, 2007

Girls night out

To make up for the often weeks on end I don't post, I'm in the middle of a flurry of posts at the moment, averaging about two or three a week. So I apologise if it's all a bit overwhelming but I may as well post now while stuff is happening than wait until I have to do a completely random post.

So, went out on a girls night last night. Katrina had been organising it for a while and we finally got it under way. We met up at her place to begin with in Scarborough before heading out and about. I actually was feeling a little left out as our mate Mel was there, Kat's sister Mel came along and also her cousin Katrina came out to. Two Mels and two Katrinas and only one Nettie :(

But I guess one Nettie is all the world can handle at once to avoid imploding.

Anyhoo, I got some pics of the girls for so it might be a little less confusing when I talk about all the Mels and Kats.

Right, this is Mel, Kat and me (duh).

I met both these two girls through Christian as they have both worked with him (Kat left a little while ago). Kat and I hit it off with right away but with Mel it took a little longer. She's actually a little shy so she never really spoke to me, giving me the impression of being a little snobby. But we got chatting at a party a while back and found out we have heaps in common and get on like a house on fire now.

This is Kat's sister who I shall call by her full name Melanie to avoid confusion. She's very loud and outrageous and very very funny.

And this is Kat's cousin Katrina. I hadn't met her before but she seemed really nice although quite young. She's early twenties I think but is still very much into the going out clubbing and getting drunk stage which is fine, it's just not something I can relate to much.

Anyway, so we had a drink (or three) at Kat's for a bit and then called a taxi to take us into Mount Lawley where we thought we'd get some dinner and then go to The Velvet Lounge next to The Brass Monkey where Lachlan (another guy who works with Christian) and his mate do DJing. Unfortunately no where were still serving food (that's the down side to living in Perth - it's shocking that you can't get a decent meal after ten on a weekend) so we headed over to the Velvet Lounge with the idea that if we can't eat we can still get a drink.
While there we ran into Lachlan and his mate and also Mike and so we stayed and chatted to them for quite a while.

Now I must stop here and point out that although I consumed quite a bit more alcohol than is usual for me, because we stopped and started and did a lot of running about, I never actually got drunk, just tipsy. Sorry to disappoint Ro! ;-)

Anyway, so we stayed about there for a bit and I chatted with Mike about cars (urgh, can you believe he wanted his first car to be a Commodore??? Thank God he's found some sense now!) and other various stuff until we headed down to HJ's to get something that vaguely resembled food.

After dinner we decided to take a run into Northbridge to go to The Universe Bar where Katrina's Dad's band was playing. We made the executive decision to drag Mike along on our girls night which I think at times left him with a slightly panicked look. Oh, and I tried taking a photo of him but he's a wily one and avoided it rather well. This is the best one I got.

So, The Universe Bar. The music was good. That's about the end of the list of pros.
It was so crowded, I swear you could hardly breathe, let alone move. I'm not used to negotiating my way through such crowds and found I was constantly getting elbowed and shoved around. It was a good thing I didn't have that much to drink because I would have ended up on my arse otherwise.
The drinks were also ridiculously expensive, ten bucks for a fucking Smirnoff for crying out loud! There's no need for that!
Mike didn't stick around too long as he didn't like the music and it was just too crowded so we said goodbye to him and then fought our way to the front near the band to have a bit of a dance. Mel then got a little woosy as she was finding it hard to breathe so she, Kat and I left and decided to call it a night as we were so damned tired.

The three of us got a taxi back to Kats' place and then stayed up for a bit chatting before heading to bed. Kat cooked us brekkie in the morning which was nice of her and we spent the rest of the morning chatting and watching the storm come over the coast.
It was such a fun night out and I hope we can do it again soon. It reminded me of The Edinburgh Adventure a bit actually which was really just an extended girls night out with a couple of blokes thrown into the mix for good measure!

Anyway, I won't bore you any more as I'm sure I'm dribbled on enough for one day.


Hieronymus Anonymous said...

That sounds like a good night out, love.

Mouse said...

Awww... no drunken Nettie photos. :-(
Still, I'm glad you had a good night. (And you're right, those drink prices are extortionate!)

Wolfbyte said...

I love the fact that the shot of Mike looks like you hit him and then quickly took the photo.

Or maybe you took the shot just as he passed out.

ScarletManuka said...

I swear there was no violence involved! Honest! Except for at The Universe Bar when I got elbowed several times, but that was it.

oppiejoe said...

Thanks for sharing :)

Accipiter said...

Around here, the only place to get food at night (unless you want to drive for a few hours) is Dunkin Donuts. At least I can get tea and scones there.

I'm glad you had a good time, even if you did get a few bruises from the crowd. You need to keep a purse full of bricks that you can "accidentally" swing around when you're at places to knock people down and clear a space for yourself.

And Nettie, I'll say it again: you sure look pretty! ;-)

Nettie said...

Gee shucks Acci

And the handbag full of bricks reminds me of Eddie Izzard and the Queen.
'Crazy dog, crazy dog!'