Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rolling on the river

Well Easter has come and gone for another year.

Thank feck for that!

I didn't get any eggs this year (by request) but I still ate too much of everyone else's eggs and other horribly bad stuff at family bbq's and so forth. A bit of a stand still in the dieting saga but I'm rather forgiving of myself (it was Easter after all!)

Unfortunately the gym was closed over the long weekend so I found myself not doing the 45mins of exercising a day I'm supposed to be doing. I managed it on only one of the four days and on another I did half an hour. But still, it was Easter! I can only use that excuse once a year so I'm planning on taking full advantage of it ;-)

Sunday, the day that I did manage to get off my butt and do something physical saw me going for a long walk along the river (about an hour and twenty minutes). I started off at the bird sanctuary and found myself at some historic tearooms before turning for home again. The silliest aspect of the walk was that I started it at 6:40 in the morning. Easter Sunday and I'm out walking before the bloody birds have even woken up! (ok, so that was a tiny exaggeration - the birds were stirring in their little sanctuary). I guess you could class me as being a bit mad.

Anyway, I took photos for you all, think of it as my little Easter pressie for you all!

This is the view of the river and The Garrett Road Bridge with the clouds looking all pretty in the background.

I like the mirror image in this one of a pond.

You can't really read this sign but it basically says don't drink the water or play in it. Well duh!

Around the bird sanctuary area there are lots of little wooden boardwalks over the plant revegetation areas and in some parts the river itself. They're very pretty.

And finally not the best photo in the world, but one of me! I always have a bit of a furrow going on but that could have been because I forgot my sunnies and it was rather glary! I just know I'm going to get told of by Boo and Ro because 'glary' will turn out to not be a proper word or something... :P

Lastly, I found out the most exciting news today! Alex messaged me and he's sent his manuscript off to his editor! Yay! I'm literally bouncing up and down I'm that excited! So it hopefully won't be too long before we all get to read his new book. Go Alex!


smerk said...

Glarey is too a word. Actually, more often, I use flarey, which is the same thing. ;-)

ScarletManuka said...

So perhaps I just needed to put an 'e' in it...

Mouse said...

If I were to write 'glary', I wouldn't put an 'e' in it.
It looks like you had a nice walk, though. :-)

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

Nice photos, sweetie...

*doesn't tell Nettie off*