Sunday, February 14, 2010

Scitech, The Saints and cheesecake

Valentine's Day. A day to celebrate young love, old devotion and the clanking of gold coins in the florist's counting room...

When you've been together for as long as Christian and I have been, Valentine's day isn't something that takes priority. However, circumstances are a little different this year and so we made a special effort, not so much to spend a heap of money on cheap trinkets and inflated flowers, but just to spend some time together. What with me working two jobs and just the hours I work, we rarely spend much time together and the times we are both in the house at the same time we always seem to be busy with books/computers/games/paperwork.

Not that there weren't presents! But in true Nettie fashion, I forced Christian's on him a day early ;-)
For the longest time now Christian hasn't had a chain to wear, for various reasons. First it broke, then when I bought him a new one he had lost his pendants when we moved so he wouldn't wear just the chain, then I stole the chain when mine broke and finally I could never find him a suitable blokey pendant to go with a new chain. That has all changed now. I found a tiger charm (yay for the Chinese Year of the Tiger) to go with the new chain I bought him for Valentine's Day and I was so happy with the find. In return I received two jasmine vines to be planted along the fence when we finally re-vamp the grassed area.

I discovered that Perth had so little on offer for Valentine's Day as far as events go. Granted, there were heaps of dinner and accommodation deals for Saturday night but come Sunday, there was very little. I searched for theatre and comedy shows, special events or just anything kind of Valentine's-ey but to no avail. In the end we decided on a movie (Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief) in the morning and a trip to the Planetarium in the afternoon.
The movie was ok. It had heaps of well known actors in it and good ones at that but it still didn't really pull off a great show. The main kid was a Zac Effron clone and kept the teenage girls (the majority of the theatre) squealing the whole time and the movie just felt rushed and sloppy but never ending all at the same time. But I guess for what it was, it was ok.

I have wanted to go to the Planetarium at Scitech for the longest time now. Cosmic Collisions was a show on at 3:45 and we headed off in time for that. What I didn't know was that the admission for Scitech includes all Horizons shows and so as well as seeing Cosmic Collisions, we were also able to have a play in Scitech as well. We'd killed a few hours at home by reading and watching the cricket when we could have been shoving kids off displays and playing with static electricity! Dammit!
Cosmic Collisions was awesome and I'd love to take my nephews there some time. I'm always taking the girls out and about but the boys do tend to miss out. It used to be because they were so much younger but now I don't really have that excuse. Sure, they're a handful but I need to start being a more dutiful aunty...

After the show we had about an hour to have a play and we had fun with all the different displays. But there was so much we didn't get to do and I also regret not taking my camera so next time I go, I will endeavour to photo-document the entire adventure.

When we got home we sat down to watch Boondock Saints 2. We love the first movie, it's in both of our Top Three Movies of All Time lists but as always, it just doesn't seem likely the sequel will be released in theatres over here (like with 9 - we waited and waited and it still isn't out yet). And so we've resorted to downloading it and watching a slightly dodgy copy of it. But it was worth it because it was great. Probably not as good as the first but it was left open for a third installment and I've been left enthusiastic about that prospect.

Halfway during the movie, Barb called to invite us around to her place for cheesecake.
This may sound odd, but until you have tried Barb's baked lemon cheesecake, you just haven't lived. The prospect of driving the 20 kms to her place for dessert was very tempting but in the end we decided to give it a miss. It was our night in together after all plus I'm *trying* to be good so we compromised and I made some low fat brownies.
Which were good in their own way...

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Shawna said...

That sounds like a fantastic day, hon! I'd love to see pics from Scitech eventually--it sounds like a really fun place. :)