Sunday, February 07, 2010

Going on a trip!

Was it really four years ago already that I was off on my Edinburgh adventure??? Wow, how time flies! The good news is that this year I'll be doing it all over again.

Christian and I are flying out in July to go and visit Boo and Matt and Mouse and Chris in Edinburgh and I just can't wait! Boo phoned me yesterday morning and I don't think either of us sat very still during the conversation - we were both jumping up and down for joy!
I fell so totally in love with the city last time I was there and I'm really looking forward to showing it off to Christian and to seeing even more of it myself. It's going to be so much fun!
There's a bit that we didn't get to do last time I was there, like the zoo and Mary King's Close and the Castle and there's stuff that I want to do again, like the ghost tours and climb Arthur's Seat and so much more! It's so very exciting!

Another thing that will be different is that we're flying Emirites this time and so instead of flying Perth-Singapore-Heathrow-Edinburgh like I did with Qantas we'll be flying Perth-Dubai-Glasgow and then catching either a train or a bus into Edinburgh. Poor Boo and Matt are going to come and meet us (which I won't lie about - I'm glad they are, but I do feel like I'm putting them to a lot of trouble) and so we'll get to see a little countryside on our way into Edinburgh.

And so the countdown begins and we all begin to become almost unbearable to be around. Boo is boring her workmates by telling them about the trip, Christian has to watch me bounce around the house with the excitemt of a three year old and I'm sure Mouse is driving Chris equally insane.

But I don't care because I'm so very, very excited! :D


Mouse said...

I've been telling Zeph all about you!

DavePrime said...

How wonderful and exciting!! I am SOOOOOO happy for you! (I only wish we could join in the fun.) :)

Hieronymous Anonymous said...

*boing boing boing*

That is all.

Shawna said...

Yay for adventures! Ditto what Dave said--I wish we could join you, but I'm already planning on heading your way in another couple of years. (I'm being very optimistic in thinking that we can save the money up, but darn it, whyever not?) said...

i want to know someone named Mouse!