Friday, February 26, 2010

A day in the life of...

What I have done today so far...

*Was enjoying my sleep in since I'm not gardening today and was absolutely exhausted.

*Was woken up by my sister at 7:30am who was under the mistaken impression that I was working but would still actually be home at 7:30am. Wrong on both counts Barb!

*Discovered that my hunch I had critters living in my keyboard was correct. Last night I sprayed it with fly spray and found this morning that numerous tiny cockroaches had crawled out and died on my desk.

*Said 'Ewwwwwww' really loudly and as quickly as possibly disconnected Roachville and replaced it with an old keyboard of Christian's.

*Headed out to the shops. First stop, Dan Murphy's for Passion Pop and Champagne needed for punch and cocktails. Secondly, got petrol before car starved to death, Thirdly, head to Woolies and spent much, much more than I was intending on food and snacks for cocktail party...

*Got home and made a fruit smoothie.

*Sat on couch reading 'The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl' and eating Easter eggs.

*Begin blog post.

What I will do with the remainder of my day...

*Finish blog post

*Go to a friend's house for the afternoon where I will most likely watch bad tv, play with his exuberant dog and store up on cuddles.

*Come home and feed Miss Molly Moo.

*Go to work (nightfill) :(

*Come home and phone Mouse :)

I bet you are now overwhelmed by the sheer excitement of my life ;-)


Shawna said...

Sounds like a fun day, hon! :-) *hugs*

Mouse said...

I'm looking forward to the last bit! :-)