Monday, October 29, 2007

Missing time and other signs

I think I may have been abducted by aliens on Saturday night.

I've been reading up on it and according to this site, these are some of the signs that you may have been abducted.

Lost time - The hour between 2am and 3am had mysteriously disappeared.

Tapping or humming noises - All night there was a strange beat in my head.

Need to travel - During the course of the night I went to Scarborough, Applecross, Mount Lawley and Lathlane.

Being watched - I was sure that old guy at the bar kept on looking at me...

"Special" - Or is it Speshal?

So, have creatures from other space suddenly become interested in probing my mind (and other parts)???

Or is there a rational explanation for these events?

Let's see...
Daylight savings kicked in so we did lose that hour between 2am and3 am, Christian was designated driver so we picked up and dropped off our mates who live in opposite directions, we had gone to the Velvet Lounge where they have DJ's playing dance music, I was wearing a low cut dress and I'm not the most intelligent person in the world.

Does this explain these odd events???

Nah, I'm still going with the abduction theory ;-)


NEO said...

So I guess the deciding factor in this situation is, how low cut was the dress, and are there pictures? :)

Tah said...

Aliens? Illegal or extra-terrestrial?

oppiejoe said...

suspect me sweetie...

*contemplates details of Nettie's next abduction*