Thursday, November 01, 2007

Chalk and Cheese

Here's a conversation that Christian and I had last night. It kind of documents the randomness of our conversations and the fact that Christian is just in a different class to me.

Me - There's no soccer tonight, you wanna watch something?

Christian - Yeah, I spose.

Me - Ooh, we could watch the Ninja!

Christian - I would rather scrape my eyes down the cheese grater.

Me - I can't believe you don't like Ask a Ninja! I guess we'll have to watch Night of the Living Dorks then.

Later after the movie we're sitting in the study waiting for NCIS and The Unit to copy onto the thumb drive so we can watch them in the lounge room.

Me (randomly) - I'm a Pirate.

Christian - You do know that Pirate and Ninjas are mortal enemies?

Me - So?

Christian - So you can't be both a Pirate and a Ninja!

Me - Why not?

Christian - Because you just can't!

Me - Well I am! I play the Pirate game as a Pirate but on the Pirates vs Ninja application I'm a Ninja. So there!

Christian - That doesn't make any sense! You can't be both.

Me - I'm a Piratey Ninja!

Christian - That's like saying you're a Dockers/Eagles player! It just aint gonna happen!

I guess it'll be one of those never ending debates between us...

Oh and Night of the Living Dorks is quality, absolute quality! I highly recommend it to both Boo and Mouse for their collections ;-)


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LaMa said...

You two clearly married for the deep intelligent conversations, right? ;-p

Nettie said...

Or the deep intelligent conversations Christian thought we were going to have...

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