Sunday, November 25, 2007

A ball of a time

Last night I had the bank's social club Christmas function which was a Charity Ball. It was held in a ballroom at the Hyatt Regency hotel in the city and was a pretty glam affair (as far as bank social occasions go).

I had a fantastic time and I'll post a few pics but I won't go as overboard as I did with the river cruise. I know it's not heaps of fun looking at hundreds of photos of people you don't know.

This is K-Lee, myself and Jess.

Our branch had the most amount of people attend from a single branch - we took up two tables. This was our first attempt at getting a group shot but the guy taking the pic had a bit of trouble using my camera so you can probably tell that some of our group got a bit bored standing in the same place for five minutes. (These pics are just of the bank staff, not partners as well. I think there was about 20 of us all up).

We'll try it again shall we, but this time we'll line up.

This is my branch manager Di. She's the loveliest boss you could ever ask for, I'm very lucky to have someone like her around.

And finally this is me and Dan. I used to work with Dan over a year ago but he was transferred to Broome. I've missed him so much, I have never met anyone funnier. You always have a laugh when Dan's around. He's just recently been promoted to Branch Manager and has been moved to York which is only about an hour and a half from Perth. Hopefully I'll catch up with him more now.

Not too much else has been happening. I'm going to try and get my Christmas tree and decorations up today since I'm a bit behind this year. Usually it's all up and done by now but for some reason time has just gotten away from me this year. I've got holidays at the beginning of December and I think my brain has just decided it's going to just get everything done then.
Stupid brain.
I like getting things done early for Christmas!
I haven't sent any international presents or cards yet so I'm warning everyone now, they most likely won't get there in time for Christmas!
I've hardly started my Christmas present shopping yet. I have no idea what to get for the darn husband of mine. He's always so hard to buy for! I think it won't be anything too exciting.

And that's about it really. Same old, same old as usual. But I can live with that :)


oppiejoe said...

Thanks for the pics. Our office doesn't do anything near that ritzy with us. I'm not much in a mood to be "festive" with these people anyhow... ...

No ideas on what to get for the hubby (sorry).

thunderstruck said...

Your christmas do looks lovely :)

We're going bowling for ours...

You look gorgeous :) I like the pic of you all lined up

Mouse said...

My work is having a buffet dinner and a disco - I'm not looking forward to it.