Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Pinnacles

Rightio chaps, big post for you today, and I mean BIG. As in so big Acci's computer may have a slight mental breakdown. I have lots of photos and also a video for you, in which you can hear my lovely voice. This should appease my Father as he had a bit of a whinge the other day that none of us brood are uploading many photos lately. So, Dad, this is for you!

Okie, so first of all, I'm on holidays. Yaaaaaaaay! Ever so excited. So far I've done lots of Christmas shopping (although not much posting of pressies so some will get overseas rather late), I've spent time with my sisters, watched several romantic comedies and have probably put on about four kilos since I've been eating junk and not much else.
But hey, that's what holidays are for!

On the first Saturday of my break I attended my final work do of the year which was a day at the races with my old branch. I don't really enjoy the races much although it was more fun this year as we won a bit of money. $170 makes any day more fun :-)
I didn't get a lot of pics of that day but here are the few I got.

My and K-Lee and her rather over-sized hat.

Oh yes, that's better, push it more upwards. Now she can see!!!

K-Lee, myself and my team leader Heather. None of us actually work at my old branch anymore but we all went to the function. I was told I was going and wasn't given a choice, Heather went last year and so was invited again this year and K-Lee just invited herself along. But we all had fun so that's what's important.

My older sister Jo and I have been planning for a while now to go to The Pinnacles. It's a bit of a drive and I hadn't been before so why did we really need any other reason?
We set off early this morning and it wasn't long before Darcie got very, very bored in the car. She had a colouring in book to keep her amused but as per usual with kids, that only kept her occupied for about ten minutes. We hadn't even hit GinGin before she was asking if we were there yet.

Anyway, so we eventually got to the park and Darcie got to have her first adventure of the day. Using 'Hole in the Ground' toilets for the very first time. For those of you not familiar with this contraption, it looks almost identical to a normal public toilet but there's no flush mechanism or toilet bowl, just a metal shoot heading down into a pit. It's pretty standard for loos out in the middle of nowhere with no easy water source nearby but it can be a little unnerving the first time you use them.
Perhaps it's the draught.
Or wondering what's going to crawl up out of the pit.
Or Darcie in the cubicle over wondering out loud how many babies have fallen in.

We were just lucky that it was actually a cool day (not typical for December here) and it didn't smell...

Anyway, so we headed off into the park and started to drive around the track, stopping here and there to take photos.
I apologise now if you don't find rocks very exciting.

Darcie and I in front of one of the Pinnacles. Jo doesn't do photos so she refused to let me take one of her and Darce.

Darcie's photo of me. She loves taking photos and I must remember to give her my old digital camera one of these days.

Umm, are you thinking what I'm thinking? Cos I'm sure you know what I'm thinking...

The Pinnacle Queen waves down upon the serfs.

Oooh, more rocks!

I can't remember who it was who told me this, but someone once said that going to the Pinnacles is a little like being on the moon. I found this to be a really adequate description except that it's yellow...

It's a little like a graveyard actually.

Today was actually very cold, which is very odd for December. When we were planning the trip we were expecting temps in the high 30's, early 40's but we all took jackets and wore them most of the day.
The clouds really added to the atmosphere though.

It's amazing how far the desert stretches. You just wouldn't believe it as you drive into the park, surrounded by scrubland and bushes.

The Pinnacle Queen telling us to hurry back to the car so we can go to the beach.

Darce wasn't actually as sulky as she looks here but she was playing at being the Pinnacle Queen, ordering us to get in the car right this intsant.

We couldn't help but stop at the lookout and take some more photos.

Surprise, surprise, more rocks!

The Queen and the Ninja. I didn't realise I was wearing both my Ask a Ninja hat and t-shirt until half way through the day.

Dammit this little girl is getting heavy. I can hardly pick her up any more.

No matter how big she gets, Darcie hasn't lost her love of the camera.

On our way out, I found the real Pinnacle Queen!

After the Pinnacles we drove down into Cervantes and stopped off at the bay there to have lunch. The photos really don't do the place justice, you just needed to be there to see just how green the water was up close to the shore and how aqua blue it was out deeper.

Nettie warned it would be cold...

Quit saying 'Told you so!'

This is a video I took and even the video doesn't do the place justice. It was at this point that I remembered the video function on my camera and cursed myself for not remembering sooner. I would have loved to have taken one of the actual Pinnacles instead of fifty thousand photos!

Ok, well that's about it for now. Hope all your puters survived the trip to the Pinnacles with me and that you're happy with the post Dad!
Bye for now :)


oppiejoe said...

wonderful photos Nettie... thanks for sharing. I especially liked the first couple of pics and the amount of cleavage showing


sorry... ...

Tah said...

What?! Nettie has an Australian accent? Whodathunkit?

Very nice pictures and video. I always enjoy picture posts. :)

Accipiter said...

Aaaaaaagh! My computer!!!

*attempts to mop up the melted circuitboards*

Hmmmm, yes the Pinnacles does remind me rather a bit of a graveyard. And of termites. Perhaps a termite graveyard?

Mouse said...

Oh, it looks so nice there - I can't wait to go!
And yes, I was thinking what you were thinking... ;-)

NEO said...

Kinda reminds me of an area near here called craters of the moon, except every thing is dark rock and sand (lava) there. Nice.