Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hero Hubby, Boiling Boxing Day and Facebook Flings

Well, it's been a rather eventful past couple of days I must say.

Christmas Eve was really rather quiet at work which was a real pleasure. We got out on time which for us means an early night. Jo and Darce met us at our place, we picked up pizza and headed into King's Park for our traditional Chrissy Eve. Barb and her brood were meeting us there and we had picked the new playground as our meeting spot.
Barb had taken the kids there a few weeks back and apparently it's pretty amazing. There's a huge rope climbing frame, a wooden fire engine, a pirate ship and castle, flying foxes, the lot.
Let's just say the kids enjoyed themselves immensely.
Up until the climbing frame...

It's a pretty huge frame, its about ten metres high and is made from proper rope - not that bendy rubber junk most climbing frames are made from. Anyway, the kids and I were having a climb, testing our courage.
Well, I was at least. The kids didn't seem to be too bothered by the height.
Darce scampered almost all the way to the top and was standing in the middle on the second highest platform. She had been up there for a while, insisting she was fine when I noticed she was crying. Chiara had been hanging onto some rope and bouncing up and down causing the whole frame to move significantly. This scared the absolute shit out of poor Darce and she just froze. I asked if she wanted one of us to climb up and get her and she all she could do was nod through her tears.
At this point I was already halfway up but already past my comfort zone. I could have probably reached her ok but getting down with her was an altogether different matter. So Christian volunteered to go to my niece's rescue and monkeyd his way up to her.
It was just the sweetest thing. Once he reached her he made her hold on round his neck and then he inch by inch worked his way downwards, always making sure that Darce could reach the next rope without feeling too scared.
I think I fell in love with him all over again.

Yes, I know, it's a tad soppy but this was coming from the Iceman who doesn't ever really show what many would call 'human emotions'. I have every right to be soppy!

Anyway, so Christian was now Darcie's (and everyone else's) hero and my poor hubby is getting annoyed with me telling everyone I see the story. I don't think that will change anytime soon!

So Christmas was a really nice day. It was rather quite compared to our normal huge family day. It was just Christian, Jo, Darce and I until that night when we'd be going round to Barb's.
Jo and I watched Hairspray while Christian and Darcie played the new Simpson's game that Darce got for Christmas.

It was very quiet and very relaxing and I really enjoyed it even though it was a bit hot.

But if I thought Christmas had been hot, boy did Boxing Day surprise me.
And everyone else in Perth.
It reached 44.2C or thereabouts and we were officially the hottest place on Earth that day. It was also the hottest December day ever for our little city.
It was absolutely nasty.
After a day spent boiling at the Lake, Christian, Barb and I headed to the movies with Mel to see The Golden Compass. It was there that I was brutally reminded of another downside to having such hot weather. Air con just doesn't cope in extreme heat. It was so hot in the the cinema that I couldn't sit still. I fidgeted the whole way through and every time Christian put his hand on my knee I'd swat it away like a wasp. I just couldn't stand being touched it was so hot.
I was so irritable by the heat that I almost had a full on temper tantrum when they ended the movie a good six chapters before the book finished. What happened to the rest of the story??? The ending in the book is a much better ending for the movie that the mediocre conclusion they filmed.
Grrrrr. It makes me mad!

The next morning my irritability was soon erased after a message that was left for me on Facebook.
Now, for someone who spends so much time on this interweb, I seem to have done a good job of avoiding all those sleezy kind of back-alley sites. I tend to spend my time in respectable company like the MoH crowd (*sniggers slightly*). My point being that I'm still rather naive.
So imagine my surprise when I discovered I had this message on Facebook.

hey annette
look i might be miles off the mark but when yu say on your profile you like random play, would you explain cause im a young irish guy and im just over in perth for a year and i am attracted to married women, and you are beautiful if you wanna have a little secret give me a message back and we can go for drinks or something
Robbie :)

I must say I was actually shocked. I was actually in awe at the nerve. I was flabbergasted.
I emailed Christian to share with him my adventure and all he could reply with was 'He he, go Facebook!'. Gotta love the support...

I am also looking for advice on if I should reply to this message with a scathing reply (maybe something like 'Punctuation and grammar go a long way when picking up chicks') or just ignore it completely.

Anyway, I'll look forward to your ideas.


NEO said...

Yeah invite him over for a little 2 on 1 and then booze him up steal his money and pitch him in the canal. Or just ignore it, same difference.

oppiejoe said...


(and now I know you aren't gonna join me either)


Smerk said...

Well, I'm off to see the Golden Compass tomorrow. Sounds like I'll have to get the books at some stage and read them.

Accipiter said...

Heh, that rope climby thingy looks like fun. I would have loved it as a kid (although the ropes would probably have been stolen off of it within ten minutes of it being put up). I never see anything like that in the US; I think that there's too much worry about lawsuits.

I'd never even heard of the author or book series that "The Golden Compass" was based on, so if I see the movie any time soon I won't have a clue how it differs from the original story. Which can be a good thing, I've noticed.

And as for the roving Irishman: I'd just ignore it. You've got to beware for those members of the opposite sex who you meet online, after all. . .

Tah said...

I would ignore it unless he writes again. If he does then reply with a polite, "no thank you" (or something along those lines).

And I agree with Acci about the rope thing. Looks like a lot of fun, but could never be built here in the States.

LaMa said...

Heh, funny: here in Holland we have exactly those same climbing rope constructions everywhere. Kids love them.

And really, you don't fool me: as a MoH regular, you can't have been that shocked by an indecent proposal.... ;-p

Mouse said...

We have one of those rope climbing frames at a country park near my parents' house. It's great fun. :-)

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

Yeah, we've got a climbing frame like that in the park by our house. Matt goes all the way to the top, but I wuss out.

And I say ignore the guy. You're likely to get something rude back if you reply to him.