Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Testing, testing...

We had our first fertility appointment on Monday at the Concept clinic at King Edward hospital.

It all went as well as could be expected I suppose, although I didn't really know what to expect. I haven't really spoken to anyone who's actually gone through the same thing about what the actual process is.

It turns out that I'm going to be spending a fair amount of time at the clinic over the next few months.
They start off with taking a full medical history and when he asked what conditions I have that require me to see my GP regularly I filled up the whole page! But I'm thankful that all the stuff I have to see a doc about is all pretty much under control and not serious. Christian never sees a doctor and doesn't even have a regular GP so that was a stark contrast!

They ask some pretty personal questions (obviously) but even for someone as open as me, it can be a bit confronting at times. I guess because they reduce it to something so clinical. It can also lead to a few domestics as the doctor was telling us - questions such as 'How long do you last?' and 'Have you ever impregnated anyone before?'. Luckily for us, Christian and I have been together for ever so there were no surprises there.

I'm lucky my boss at work is very understanding and loves me as I'll be taking a lot of time off work and turning up late quite a bit over the next three to possibly six months. I have to go in to the clinic for blood tests several times a month for ovulation tracking, the problem being I have to wait for that time of the month to start before I can figure out when I'll need to go in. It's a bit hard to say 'Oh yes, I have to go in for a day 8 blood test so that'll be the 16th this month, the 12th the month after and then just before Christmas.' If only I was still on the pill! Then I could figure it out. Shame about the whole not getting pregnant side effect! lol

Anyway, so I guess we'll see how it all goes. Our next appointment isn't until May so we'll have lots of time to figure it all out.
I'll leave you with this smashing piece of advice the doc gave us just as we were leaving. It's a real gem.

'Don't stop trying. Some people seem to think that once they've seen us, they'll definitely get pregnant and forget about the whole having sex part. We can only do so much...'


Mouse said...

As long as you keep enjoying the trying... ;-)

Tah said...

Agreed! (With Mouse)

LaMa said...

Great bit of final advise I'd say :-p

Good luck, hope it leads to the desired result.