Thursday, October 11, 2007

Girl Flick

For weeks now I've been trying to get to the movies to see Hairspray, a rather girly flick that I normally wouldn't actually want to see. However much I whinge to Christian that I always see the movies he wants to see and that he never goes to a movie that I've chosen, I must admit that most of the films he takes us to are actually ones I would have picked myself. I do rather prefer the action and fantasy genre, fight scenes and car chases do entertain me.
But I'm a girl (for those of you who haven't noticed) and occasionally I get the urge to watch a chick flick, and when I do I always enjoy them. I could watch Love Actually a hundred times and still like it, Ever After was great, I actually own a copy of The Princess Diaries and after much persuasion I finally watched the Bridget movies and found I really liked them.

So when I saw the preview for Hairspray (I think it was when we were watching The Bourne Ultimatum) I turned to Christian and said 'That's a movie I'd like to see' to which he replied 'You'll never in a hundred years get me to see that'.
Which wasn't news to me.
So I'd made plans with a couple of girls at work to see it but of course that fell through. I'm well known for my ability to make friends with the most unreliable people.
Fortunately for me, Mel isn't one of those unreliable sorts and we went and saw it together tonight after work.

It was fantastic.

I don't even really like musicals but it was really well done and heaps of fun. John Travolta was great in it and I love Christopher Walken so it helps that they were in it.
Apart from being a chick flick it was also (predictably) a fat chick's movie (hey, being one myself I'm allowed to say that out loud). It was all about being loved for who you are and not for what you look like on the outside. And as a fat chick that makes me feel good about myself. I'll never win a beauty pageant or make the cover of Vogue but I'll make a few friends along the way.
My favourite quote from the movie is from one of the songs Queen Latifah sings 'Who wants a twig when you can have the whole tree?'. I'm glad Christian does :)

Anyway, I just thought I'd share that with you. Christian is currently playing some computer game and isn't interested in my enthusiasm about the movie so I thought since I don't have anything else to post about I'd let you all know.

That's about all. Feel free to carry on with your normal business now :)


"manly man" accipiter said...

Hey, I appreciate you for both who you are and for what you look like, so there!

And I think I might have actually watched and moderately enjoyed The Princess Diaries once long long ago. . .

Tah said...

What computer game is Christian playing?

Nettie said...

It's called Portal Tah...I don't know what it's about but he seemed moderately involved in it...

Tah said...

That was a (mostly) rhetorical question. I was asking to help counter all the talk about chick flicks. ;-)

Oh. And Portal is about, well, portals. Not familiar with the story of the game, but I know you open portals to shift and move around the game world to solve puzzles and fight enemies.

Not that you care. :-D

Mouse said...

You are NOT fat!
*smacks Nettie

Nettie said...

God Mouse, any excuse to spank me! ;-)

Not that I mind... :-)