Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Two months till Chrsitmas!

Hurrah! Christmas is just around the corner!
I know many will roll their eyes and say in a scathing voice 'Thanks for reminding us. We just can't wait for Christmas to come, so it can be over and done with for another year'.
This attitude I just don't get. I love Christmas with a passion. Not the whole religious aspect, coz I'm an athiest, but the whole hustle and bustle and family get togethers and buying presents for people. It's just so much fun. Although I must admit that the lead up to the actual day is more fun than Christmas day itself. The day seems to fly by but the weeks leading up to the day drag by so I get to enjoy them.
My family have a traditional routine we follow over the holiday. On Christmas eve we go into Perth to King's Park and have pizza for dinner and let the various kids (neices and nephews) have a play. Then after dark we'll drive through the city so the kids can see all the decorations and lights before we head to one of the houses in the suburbs that are all decorated so the kids can have a looksie.
Christmas morning we go to my Mum's house for breakfast and then head out to the in-laws for lunch. Christmas night is usually spent at either my house or my sister's and we make sure we have all our friends over for a big party.
Not too elaborate but we always have so much fun. Family is so important to me, I couldn't get through a single day without talking to one of my sisters, or getting a big hug and sloppy kiss from a neice. I just can't wait to start my own family.


Hieronymus Anonymous said...

I adore Christmas, but I adore Halloween more (big surprise there).
And it's nearly Halloween!
Is there much of a celebration of it over there?

ScarletManuka said...

Not really chicky. It's never been big, but that's probably an area problem. Everything is so damned spaced out over here that kids have to walk 30km to visit two houses!

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

Ahhh, good point.
Mind you, I think kids are less likely to go guising, and more likely to have parties, these days.

smerk said...

Do you go to the chrissy pageant? At least you can take your neices & nephews along!

ScarletManuka said...

Ok Smerk, I love Christmas but I'm not crazy enough to even attempt to got to the pagent!

Charybdis said...

Is it Christmas time again?

*prepares his hidey-hole*