Thursday, October 27, 2005

These are some of my favourite things...

Things that make life worth living.

*My husband. He is above all, my best friend and I love him so much that I hope I die first, as I couldn't bear to live without him.

*My sister's. I talk to them almost everyday and see them several times a week. The perks of seeing them so much, is I get to see my neices and nephews lots, and I get to catch up with my best friends (apart from hubby)

*Museum of Hoaxes Forum. I joined at the beginning of this year but it feels like I've known the guys there for years. We have so much fun there, especially as we all have the same sense of humour and dirty minds.

*Books. I love to read, especially fantasy. I can sit for hours at a time, getting lost in some other world. Fave authors are Terry Goodkind, Robin Hobb, J K Rowling, Dianna Wynn Jones, Lian Hearn.

*Cars. I'm a bit of a rev-head I must admit but I'm not into pansy V-8's. I love suped up four cylinders, especially Toyotas. I love going to watch Chrsitian drive in a karna-cross or when he goes to the drags. I also love watching Initial D, a japanese anime about a guy who owns an AE86

*Flirting. You may not believe me, but I used to be a very shy, innocent girl. Not anymore though. I just can't help it. I have to flirt. I think it's because I don't have many female friends and I'm just used to being around the guys all the time. I guess it does help that a lot of my male friends are hot.

*Movies. We've never been big on going out to pubs and clubs, but we do go to the movies a lot. Fave three movies of all time are Equilibrium, Boondock Saints and LOTR trilogy.

Tomorrow - what pisses me off.


Charybdis said...

Nettie a flirt? Who knew?

I bet I make the list tomorrow. ;-)

ScarletManuka said...

Chary, you annoy me at times, but you never piss me off!
You're definitely on the 'makes life worth living list'

smerk said...

Ooh...we have the same tastes in books, Nettie! Loved Lian Hearn's trilogy.