Friday, October 21, 2005

My first post.

Right. So, I guess I should write something for my first post I guess.
I decided to start a blog because I had nothing better to do really. And I tend to talk a lot and my husband probably gets sick of listening so this gives me a way to vent!
I know next to nothing about how to use a computer (apart from email, surfing the net and other basics) so this will probably be a really basic layout.

So, what did I do today in my highly exciting life? Went to work, came home, made blog. Right. Well, it's a start I guess. A start of what exactly, I don't know, but it's the start of something.


LaMa said...

First post, and the first comment here!

Yay, N. has a Blog!

ScarletManuka said...

Thanks La, I'm glad you were my 'first' *giggles girlishly*

smerk said... you two want to be left alone? ;-)