Wednesday, March 10, 2010


A couple of years ago I bought the kids a couple of sets of a toy I found at the two buck shop. It's essentially some plastic rails that you build up however you fancy and you roll marbles down when you've finished the track. The kids, especially Darcie love playing with it when they come over.
Whilst looking around for ideas for a birthday present for Darcie, Christian came across this online.
It's essentially a high tech version of what we already have. We figured that it would be a great thing to get for all of the kids to play with here and so Christian ordered it from Deal Extreme, a dodgy Chinese site that has free postage. Other exciting purchases from there include piggy LED keyrings, a line of LEDs for our patio and a cute necklace.

So it arrived today and although we haven't had the excitement of putting it together as yet, we have derived many minutes of entertainment from the box.

I just love bad Chinese translations, don't you? ;-)

Here are my favourites...(oh, the spelling, spacing and punctuation are directly quoted!)

'SPACE RAIL is a suit-toy which could be assembled freedom with its base, shaft and rail. the steel ball could run on the two lines sometimes snail and sometimes scour, it is for adult playing indoor.
How to play the SPACE RAIL:For the loop-rail installed already.It just need take little time to adjust the corner of railto ready the rail.
It will bring the sweetness and exciting feeling of the SPACE RAIL word to you although it just for playing indoor.'

'The primary mold for the beginner.
For the loop rail assembled already, it just only need little time to ajust corner parts to finish loading the novel SPACE RAIL mold
(average time: about 90120 minutes)'

Only a little time???

Now that you have a clearer idea of what the SPACE RAIL is, it's very important to take into consideration SAFETY!

'*Please don't put your fingers to the elevator when it on running to avoid hurting accident.
*Please don't put any article except the steel ball into the elevator to avoid breaking it or falling off
*Please don't force the motor to stopping to avoid scalding or other risk caused by the overheat of motor or battery
-Caution: the battery would appear overheat, blow out or leak risk for misusing.
*Once (Not if - ONCE lol) the battery liquid spurt into the eyes, please washing it with clean water at once or ask help from doctor
*Please don't use the rechargable battery'

'Please don't cumber the elevator (motor) running when the power offering to avoid risk caused by the overheat motor'

Once we have the SPACE RAIL built and running, I shall post photos and/or video of the finished product. If this is the last you hear of the SPACE RAIL, then it must be assumed that we could not follow the instructions or due to a catastrophic overheat we are dead or seriously maimed.

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DavePrime said...

Maybe, like the tv show '90210', it will only FEEL like it takes thousands of minutes... lol

Pretty cool.