Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The latest in Ancient Greek mythology!

On a slightly lighter note...

The other day I was at the dodgy local shopping centre and was leaving Woolworths when I passed a booth that had been set up in the middle of the mall (and when I say 'mall' I mean the open space in front of the supermarket as our dodgy centre is tiny. I just didn't want to confuse any Americans...). A toy tiger caught my eye and I stopped to have a look. Christian absolutely loves tigers and if I ever run across anything tigerish I try and pick it up for him.
It was only eight bucks and so I got it for him and took it home, eager to surprise him.

He laughed his head off when he saw it.

I think he's quite realistic and scary looking, would you not agree???

However, Christian just couldn't get past the tiger's mouth.

'Whatever is wrong with it?' I hear you ask, as I did.

Well, apparently, his mouth is too pink and gummy to make him look as ferocious as he should.

And I suppose Christian has a point...

Anyway, I sat Mr Tiger on the bookcase and the following day I asked Christian if he would scare any the ladies coming to my Tupperware party and, if so, I should probably move him.

The following conversation took place.

Christian - 'Ahhhh...no.'
Me - 'But he's so scary looking and frightening!'
C - 'Yeah, there's no possible way in the world that he is going to scare anyone.'
M - 'How about a dentist?'
C - 'The rest of him is so realistic, how could they have stuffed up so much on the mouth?'
M - 'Yes, well, apparently 'they' don't know what a reindeer looks like either...'
C - 'It's just he has this big baboon mouth. He should be called a Babiger! *cue majestic voice* he has the body of a tiger and the head of a baboon! Everyone flee from the Babiger!'
M - Yes, the Babiger, the latest monster straight from Ancient Greek Mythology! His terrifying gums will have you flossing every night!'
*Much giggling as I take Mr Tiger and chase Christian around the room*

Note - Spell checker really does not like the word 'Babiger' much...


Tah said...

LOL That thing really is, uh. Hmm. Yeah.

And sounds like a great idea for a cheesy horror flick. I know some Scots who might buy the rights and make it on their next family vacation. ;-)

DavePrime said...


Scary as hell...NOT! LOLOLOLOL

*Much giggling ensues*

Shawna said...

I love Mr. Tiger the Babiger! lol He's awesome!

Oh, word verification: hedless...interesting.

Nettie said...

Yes, he's hedless because he was decapitated by a big, scary Babiger! lol

Mouse said...

He's like some sort of Mick Jagger tiger!

Helen said...

Hahahahahaha!! My stomach hurts from laughing so much.

Sarah & I were checking him out on Sunday actually, and I too was taken a-back by the babiger's mouth. It was very pink & very gummy.

You guys crack me up!