Monday, March 15, 2010

A little bit of this and a little bit of that...


*cough* Sorry bout that...a conversation I had with Boo yesterday involved my old neighbour who used to play his music so loud that it sounded like it was being played in my house. One of Andy's favourite songs to play was The Chicken I really need any further explanation? lol
Unfortunately, Andy passed away last August. I say unfortunately because although his music drove me wild (
mainly due to the fact that he would play the same song over and over for hours) the new neighbours are complete and utter ferals.

And that is the nicest possible thing I can say about them.

I think it's three generations of the same family - grandmother, mother, kids, and due to the slight elevation of our block and their impressive vocal projection abilities, their arguments (of which there are many) sound like they are taking place in my
lounge room.
And when I say feral, I really do mean feral. Who speaks to their children (or
any child for that matter) thus : 'You stupid f*#king little c#*t, get your f*#king arse in the house right now or I will make you curse the f*#king day you were f*#king born'???
Ferals I tell you! Only ferals!
I curse the day that these people were allowed to breed!
They yell and scream and swear all day and night, till the wee hours of the morning, and there is never a respite unless they have gone out. It's state housing and although I have nothing against people who need state housing to survive (my older sister has lived before in state housing and is on the waiting list for another place) these people just ooze the stereotype. None of them appear to have any form of employment which leads me to believe that my hard earned taxes are going towards not only paying their rent but also paying for the cigarettes they smoke one after the other, the booze they consume only to leave the empties littering their yard and also, judging again from the rubbish carpeting their front lawn, the sheer quantities of fast food they consume.
Yet again, I don't have a problem that my taxes go towards helping those in need, even these people in particular, but I just wish that they had been placed elsewhere. I really don't want to have to hear every conversation and every argument at top volume, I really don't. And I have proof that they can be heard as far away as Scotland! Just ask Boo!

Alas, I know I should confront them and ask them politely to keep the noise down but I must admit I am too chicken shit to even try. I fear I would be either a) beaten to a pulp or b) wake one day to find my car and front yard trashed. I guess these are the perils of living in a slightly dodgy suburb.

Anyway, onto more enjoyable matters...
It's four months tomorrow that I leave for Scotland!
I seriously cannot wait, I am so excited. I'm probably driving everyone batty over here because I've been going on and on about it so much. But I don't care because I am so very very excited!
I will try not to bore you all to tears with it now and will leave it at this, but I just needed to release a burst of excitement

I had a very weird dream last night that I had broken my mobile phone and I was running around and around trying to get it fixed and worrying because I couldn't return messages. I guess it's a reflection on just how much I rely on that little piece of plastics and electronics but honestly, I don't think I could live without it. I would go insane. I am truly a child of the electronic age.

Easter is just around the corner...
mmmmmm, Easter eggs. Nom nom nom. For the first time EVER I was going to go away with my family for the long weekend. My nightfill shifts are Friday and Monday nights and so due to public holidays I was going to actually have the entire weekend off. We've never gone away before over the long weekend and it was something that my sisters and I had been talking about. Unfortunately Barb didn't realise we were actually that interested and booked a camping site for just her family and Jo wanted to go down to Wave Rock and invited Christian and I along but it's just not going to happen. Christian's aunty has been diagnosed with Gall Bladder cancer and it's very advanced and so I think we're just going to spend as much time as we can with his family.

And on a final, happy note, April sees the return of some of my favourite
tv shows! SGU, Glee, Doctor Who just to name a few. Yay!

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DavePrime said...

Nice. ;-)

If you REALLY wanted to drive out your new neighbors, you could just silently waft the odor of "clean" through their windows.... Not being used to such a thing, they would probably sicken and leave! [/sarcasm]

Shawna said...

I'm glad we've never had neighbors quite like that! Yeesh. Can you report them at all for disturbing the peace?

Wish we were going to be able to be in Scotland at the same time you're there, hon. I think it would be a ton of fun, but I will definitely be looking forward to your posts and pictures about it!

Mouse said...

Our neighbours back at the flat were mostly like that - just one of the many reasons we're glad we moved!

Oh, and I'm also getting more and more excited about your visit!podings

Mouse said...

Sorry, I seem to have typed the word verification at the end of my previous comment! :-D