Saturday, March 17, 2007

May contain strong language, sexual references and adult themes

Yesterday my friend Kat had her final day at Pie Networks (where Christian, Mike and Sexy Mike also work) and so we went around to her place last night for farewell drinks.
She lives in Scarborough about one hundred meters from the ocean and the view from her backyard is apparently spectacular during the day.

Sitting in her backyard I could see some lights that were ships and a whole lot of black.

Not so spectacular.

But I wasn't there for the view. There was just the five of us there, Christian and myself, Kat of course, Mike and a girl called Mel (Kat's boyfriend Sexy Mike is in New Zealand at the moment). We had gone for a walk into Scarborough to get some dinner and then we spent the rest of the night sitting about chatting. We covered topics such as Kat's new job and what she'd be doing, a guy at Pie who the others found to be really annoying at work but great out of it, crazy customers and funny stories about them and the like.

Now, I'm sure you'll all understand that the conversation wasn't exactly PG rated up until that point (how could it be with me there and the line a long way behind me) but about one in the morning we started to explore more obscure topics.
Don't ask me how I bought this up because I can't remember the context of the conversation directly beforehand but I mentioned an article I'd read years ago about Christopher Reeve and his wife Dana. One morning Dana woke up and found Reeve had a stunning morning glory. They both got very excited and went straight to their doctor who told them that, yes it was possible for them to still have children but Dana would have to do the majority of the work so to speak.

This then led into a lengthy debate over how male erections and ejaculation actually work. A few of us were of the opinion that there must be a large psychological aspect to it and that it must be possible for men to cum without physical stimulation at all, citing wet dreams as an example.
The others disagreed saying if Reeve wanted to cum just by thinking about it, why would Dana have to do all the work. There must be a manual release mechanism of some sort seeing as he wouldn't feel her doing anything and so he wouldn't have the same sensation as the rest of the men out there.

We went round in circles on this for quite a while and it'll be interesting to see what you guys think.
Then the conversation led into the subject of porn (and you know what? I bought that up too...nothing if consistent eh?) and I asked if men really sit around and watch porn together like they do in the movies. I couldn't understand how they could watch porn and not get the urge to jack off, or do they still do and then they just sit around wanking off in front of each other?
Christian and Mike both said that they'd never watched porn with a bunch of friends before and said they'd never even heard of anyone doing it. I suggested maybe it was just private school guys and then Mike had to go and bring up 'soggy biscuit' and it all went downhill rapidly from there.

Two thirty came and so after having another ogle at Mike's R32 that he'd finally gotten licensed after importing about a year ago (and I also ogled Mike) we headed home and I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

Ogle. That's an odd word. Just look at it. It doesn't even make any sense. Who on earth invented it? Was someone just sitting around one day writing down random letters and decided that ogle would be a good word?

I digress. I wanted to leave you with a link to some PG rated porn that my brother Mike (I know too many Mikes!) shared with me.

Roof Sex

Catch you all later!


Wolfbyte said...

I'm a bit miffed not only am I not Sexy Mike, I'm not even regular Mike.

And also, the human wang is a beautiful thing. But it surely does have a mind of it's own. There have been times when I've pulled a Mighty Oak just by thinking about getting Naked and Naughty (TM). There have been other time when it seems to just happen with no encouragement at all.

P.S. I have never watched Porn with a bunch of other people. Porn is what you have when sex sounds to energetic. It is not a group sport.

LaMa said...

Never watched porn in company. I think it's a Hollywood myth.

About the erection stuff: umm, dunno... I guess coitus is the result of some brain signal. While normally this signal is triggered primarily by a physical stimulation of the nerves in Big Willy, I guess in principle the brain can also do so on itself?

Wolfbyte said...

But it isn't really about nerves, it's about blood flow. Althought I don't recommend punching oneself in the groin to get the desired effect, theoretically it would work.

ScarletManuka said...

I'm sorry wolfbyte, to me you'll always be Mino, I just called you Mike because that's what these guys know you as.

And if video cameras had been around back in ancient Greece, I think porn may have made it as an Olympic sport ;-)

Wolfbyte said...

Dammit, don't call me Mino on the Erection Page. My ego can't take it.

oppiejoe said...

thanks for the video sweetie.. it was a riot!

I have never watched porn in a group either.

I prefer the tried and true method of reaching climax... with physical stimulation :)

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I'd never thought about that precise scenario, Nettie (I know, surprising, isn't it?)


accipiter said...

Hmmm. . .I think that erection and ejaculation can be caused by either physical or mental stimulation, not just by one or the other. Plenty of boys have woken up from peacefully slumbering to find a new stain on their sheets; that would be just mental stimulation.

But also, plenty of guys need lots of physical stimulation for anything to even begin to happen, no matter how much imagining they do. Plus, there's the matter of men in comas; hardly any brain activity, yet still physically capable of sex (if somebody else does all the work).

Oh, and Nettie: I think you're a bad influence on Smerk. Keep up the good work. ;)

Wolfbyte said...

What?! You mean those night time accidents aren't caused by scantily clad, overly-sexed erection fairies?

My whole world is crashing down.