Sunday, March 11, 2007

Home open

We've been moved in for a while now and although we've still got a spare room chokkas full of crap I thought it was about time to post some 'before and after' photos of our house.

The before photos were taken when we were painting the house and so my dad was still living here. He had gotten rid of a lot of his stuff by then and had only kept the essentials. I took the after photos the other day.

This is the loungeroom. The way we've got it set up now means we've cut off the gas point and will have heaps of fun plugging in the heater come winter, but it's really the only way we could set it up to fit in all our crap.

The angles on this photo are a little different to the 'after' shot and we'd already painted the feature wall when I took the 'before' one, but this is our bedroom. Both photos are taken from the doorway. Oh and those pictures aren't staying. When I get some hooks I'll take them down and put my 'Electric Wolf' pic (that you can sort of see in the lounge pics) up in the middle of the wall. We loved the colour of the feature wall (passionate blue) so much that we decided we'd paint the doors that colour. We both hated the green and wanted something different. A lot of people don't like such a dark colour on the doors in such a small house, but they don't have to live here!

This is the bathroom. It didn't change all that much except for the doors and a little drawer unit I bought.

This was the only 'before' shot I had of the kitchen and I had taken it more because my Dad was in it than to get a shot of the kitchen itself. The walls in the kitchen and dining were just repainted white, Dad fixed the pantry door but not much else was done to it. My Mum gave me some cafe curtains that once belonged to my Nanna to put up which I love. Nanna bought them back from Germany with her and never got a chance to use them so I'm glad that one of her grand-daughters finally gets to use them.

This photo of the dining room is taken from a different angle to the 'after' shot. In this one I'm standing at the back door whereas in the 'after' photo I was taking it looking at the back door. I took this photo when we first began painting (back when we were naive and still enthusiastic), it was the first wall we did.

Right, so that concludes a rather boring post.

Sorry bout that...

Once our patio is up and I've finally gotten around to mowing the lawn (I thought that was a husband job but I've been informed otherwise) I'll post some 'before and after' shots of the garden.



Mouse said...

I think the house looks lovely! I'm so jealous...

smerk said...

It looks fantastic. Can't wait to see if the photos are as good as the real thing. ;-)

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful, sweetheart.

accipiter said...

Oooo, pretty pictures of a pretty house! Taken by a pretty Nettie, even. ;)

LaMa said...

This looks great Nettie, especially the room on the last picture. It's a house decorated in a way where I could certainly live in!