Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Count Down Begins

My philosophy this weekend was to cram as much as I could into three days so the time would fly by and then the day I leave for Scotland would be so much closer!

On Friday after work I met up with a Kat, a girlfriend of mine who works with Christian. We were going to Sexpo, an adults only exhibition being held at the Perth Convention Centre. We didn't really know what to expect as we'd not been before but we were both thinking it wouldn't be as risque as it was made out to be. Upon entering our minds were changed by the topless women handing out brochures. If we got to see boobs within thirty seconds it couldn't be that prudish!

We both had immense fun there. We rode 'The Gerbil', a ghost train with a bit of a difference. Apart from the fact the handlebars were erect dicks, we were bamboozled with scenes of bondage, S&M and golden showers, not the sort of thing you'd find at the Royal Show.

We got to have a feel of all the vibrating goodies at a toy stall and we bought showbags and then headed off to see a strip show and a lingerie parade.

We left to go get some dinner and met up with Christian, Dan and sexy Mike who had been having their own fun at a nerdy Magic tournament. Apparently there had been a geek punch up, however the bloody noses didn't stop the nerds from playing for long and soon all was forgiven.

We headed off for a few games of pool, Kat and I enjoying ourselves immensely as Mike got changed in front of us. Then we all headed back to Kats place until the wee hours of the morning, finally getting home at 4:30 to find two very hungry dogs waiting for us.

Last night we went to a Tarantino Theme party for a friend's 25th. It was a great night but we didn't stay out too long as we were both pretty buggered. After one of the guys demonstrated his fire baton twirling skills we headed off, but not before I remembered to get some pics (I always take my camera but never remember to take any photos). The ones of me and Christian were taken here before we went out but the rest are from the party.

This is me as a very unconvincing vampire

Christian as Mr Pink

Dan as Kevin from Sin City

Mike (not sexy Mike, but still rather hot I reckon) as Seth from Dusk Till Dawn, some random guy I don't know dressed as some character I don't know, and Glenn, dressed as a generic victim from any number of films

Julie, our lovely hostess, dressed as Alabama from True Romance

So, soccer this arvo, last minute packing and shopping for stuff I've forgotten tomorrow, then off to catch up with my sisters before I leave, work on Tuesday and then Wednesday I leave. Yay! See, the time is flying by already!


Mouse said...

Sexpo sounds great! I don't think we get anything here that's that much fun.

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

I want to go to Sexpo!

Also, you look cute.

Charybdis said...


accipiter said...

Careful, Charybdis! They might take advantage of you in your weakened and vulnerable condition!!!

accipiter said...

Oh, and I just wanted to say:

Awwwww! What a cute vampire!