Friday, April 21, 2006

Nettie's Dream Diary

It's been an interesting week for me, not all of it good, but most of it has been great, so I'll start with the good stuff and bore you with the bad stuff at the end.

Good: On Thursday is was the ten year anniversary of the day Christian and I started dating.
We were in high school and had friends in common but had never actually had a class together and so didn't know anything about each other apart from names. I was having a party and asked Mike (my now brother-in-law) if he'd bring along some of his mates to even up the boy/girl odds. He brought Christian and two weeks later we started going out. The rest is history!

We went out for dinner after work on Thursday, to a restaurant called The Olive Tree which is in West Perth (just in case anyone is ever in Perth and looking for a place to eat) and had the best time. We had our wedding reception there and they are just the nicest people. They even made up special meals for Christian so he wouldn't be too full when he played soccer later on (he ended up having a very nancy meal if you ask me - salad, vegetarian filo parcel and fruit salad compared to my ravioli, fish and apple crumble!).
Afterwards, if you haven't already guessed, Christian had a soccer game and so I got to be thoroughly entertained there (is perving on other blokes on your anniversary considered bad taste? Even if I'm also perving on my hubby?). The guys lost but it was a really close game and it was only because of a dubious umpiring call that the other team had a shot at goal (they weren't getting anywhere near the thing on their skill alone).

Good: Last weekend I spoke to Chary for the first time. We did it over an msn chat and apart from being a little crackly at times due to a slow connection, it was really good. We didn't speak for as long as Flora and I usually do, but it was rather late for Chary and he did have to work the next morning. The best part about this is that I now feel like I 'know' another person who I'll be seeing in May. I'm a bit odd in that way. I can chat to someone for hours on the net but I feel like I know them better after an hour long phone conversation.

Good: It's not only two and a half weeks till I fly out for Scotland! (well two weeks, five days to be exact but why split hairs?)

Bad: I've been having nightmares all this week. They have all happened in the morning after Christian has left for work and I have an hour and a bit left to sleep in. I think it's because of the interrupted sleep but I'm not too sure. They have all been different but in all of them, I've felt completely powerless to stop whats going on. After I've woken up and had time to make my brain work, they seem very silly but at the time they really do frighten me.
In one, I couldn't stop my nephew Caleb from running onto the road, in another I was trying to hide from Reavers (those of you who know Firefly and Serenity will know what I'm on about), and this morning I had an awful one about tornadoes (which is a recurring one. I'm terrified of the things even though we've never had a really big one in Australia).
Mum thinks I'm working out anxiety about my trip away because I feel so helpless in my dreams. I really couldn't say what's causing them but I hope they stop soon because they're leaving me feeling exhausted.


Hieronymus Anonymous said...

Just try not to concentrate too much on the nightmares. They'll fade, sweetie.

Soon you'll get to see me! (and then the nightmares'll really start.)

ScarletManuka said...

I'm having huge issues publishing another post guys so you might be stuck with this one for a while sorry.

Charybdis said...

We'll cope. It's not like anyone else updates regularly. ;-)