Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter Everyone!

Even though it doesn't feel like it at all, happy Easter everyone!

Now, who wants to play a game? I don't have any spare eggs laying around (they're all MINE!) so we can't have an egg hunt, but I have a different game we can play. How bout we all play 'Doctors and Nurses'?

It's really easy to play. I'll give you a list of symptoms and you try and guess what caused them. Then afterwards I'll be available for a full examination if anyone is interested ;-)

Symptoms include: tender ear lobes
hoarse voice
sore buttocks

Now all of you who guessed a night on the town with a drunk, cross dressing stripper from Peru, would be wrong.

Those of you who guessed a five hour, ten minute, world record breaking phone conversation with Flora, you'd be right.

It just really goes to prove that none of you are going to be able to get a word in edge ways with us in just under four weeks time. We will talk you all under the table and still have stuff to talk about. There should be a warning on your airline tickets that reminds you to bring some earplugs.

But enough about you lot! Boo and I had an absolute ball last night and I really just can't wait to meet her! We laughed so hard which caused some problems as Boo tends to get a sharp pain in the back of her skull when she laughs too hard so it sounded much like this: Ahahahahahah ow ow it hurts, it hurts ahahahahahah ow ow ahahahahahaha ow ow ahahahaha.
We were in fits if giggles bad enough that at times we couldn't even speak. Mention the phrase 'engorged vaginal canal' to either of us in Scotland, and you'll see what I mean.

But eventually the conversation had to end. If we could have, I'm sure we would have both stayed on the phone for the next few weeks, only saying goodbye when I had to catch my plane, but it just wasn't really viable. *sigh*

Anyway, you have been warned. We wouldn't want any of you to be ignorant of just exactly what you're in for come May.

Have a lovely Easter everyone

P.S. Flora, Mr Finger sends his warmest greetings!


accipiter said...

Females are straaaange creatures. But I suppose we menfolk will keep you all around for a while longer. I wonder if we'll have to keep you and Boo in different rooms in May, though?

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

*keeps well away from Mr Finger*