Saturday, April 29, 2006

The hills have eyes (and millipedes, and bushfires and snakes...)

I received some bad news on Thursday night that made me rather upset, upset enough to blubber like a baby anyway.
For those of you who don't know, Christian and I are have been house-sitting my mother-in-law's house while she has been travelling, saving a deposit so when she came back we could buy the house. Well the MIL is back but house prices have gone up so dramatically in the past 11 months that we can no longer afford to get this house. We knew that the price would increase, but we thought it would be along the lines of 22%-ish which is the mean across the market. However, our house jumped up 46% and our dream of buying it crashed to the ground rather forcefully.
And now I face the prospect of going house hunting as soon as I step off the plane from my international sleepover. MIL wanted me to start looking before I left but as I only have a week and a half left before I jet off, I said 'fat chance'.
There is little hope that we will be able to buy a home in my beloved hills, leaving only the flats as an option. I've never wanted to live down the hill. It's crowded, the blocks are tiny and the burbs resemble rabbit warrens. However, faced with the prospect of not having any choice, I've started to dwell on the down points of living in the hills and also this house (which I have quite an emotional attachment to now) to make the move a little easier.
To begin with is the large advantage of not having to worry about doing my firebreaks every summer now. This includes cleaning out the gutters every two weeks in winter as there are no where near as many trees in the burbs as opposed to the hills.
Then there's the fact that there are substantially fewer creepy crawlies down the hill, including millipedes.
Added to this is that both Christian and myself will live much closer to work and so we will save tremendous amounts of money on fuel.
I've tried to be very critical about the house and have decided that the following list of points will most definitely not be missed once we move. The fact that most of our house inside is exposed brick which makes it very cold in winter. We only have an open fire that is crap at warming even two feet in front of it, let alone the house and so we won't have to worry about replacing it with a slow-burning combustion fire like we'd planned.
Our kitchen is massive (which is a good point) but that it's decked out in 1970's decore is something that I'm looking forward to saying goodbye too.
Our toilet roll holder keeps on breaking so almost every time you use it it clatters to the ground.
We're not connected to the gas mains up here so we have to have an electric stove and oven as bottled gas to too expensive.
Oh, and did I mention the millipedes?

There you have it. I must keep these points firmly in front of me so I don't gets so upset about having to move. With any luck we'll find a house up this way, but if not, I'll have a running chance at settling in down the hill.


Mouse said...

Just keep thinking about the future lack of millipedes...

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

Yes. Think of the lack of millipedes...

I'm sorry, love. I know how you love that house.

accipiter said...

I want a millipede. :(

Just think about how nice it is for you to be moving to another house, rather than having your house burned down and being forced to relocate and start all over with nothing. Or instead of your house being carried away by millipedes while you're at work, and coming home to find it missing forevermore as the millipedes have taken it away to their hidden kingdom as a trophy.