Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day this year was very busy for us. First of all we went to my older sister's house for morning tea for my Mum. Mum works every weekend from 12-9 and so the only chance we get to see her is during the morning. The morning tea was great, it was so nice to catch up with my mum and sisters. I've seen so little of them lately and I do miss them. Mum had asked for door mats for her present (I know! Only my mother would ask for something so practical and boring!!!) and so as a surprise I also put together a goodie bag for her. It included some of her favourite lollies, the soap she loves to use, some bed socks and some garlic infused olive oil and she loved it.
We had taken Molly with us for the visit as we knew she'd be home alone for most of the day and she had a blast playing with Shiver and generally bossing her around. It's very funny to see a small dog boss around another who i at least five times bigger than her! At one point the kids had started playing with a ball, and those of you who know her will know that Molly is ball mad. As soon as Shiver showed any interest in the ball Molly got quite aggressive and started really bullying Shiver, so much so that she got a telling off from her Dad.

After we left Jo's place we dashed back home to drop off the hobbit and make some sangas and then we legged it to the Perth Zoo to meet up with Christian's family. All the triplets were going as well as most of the kids and so it was going to be a huge family gathering. It turned out to be a great day although by the time we left we were buggered from walking so much!

This is Sue, Christian's Aunty with her grandson Owen.

There seems to be no shortage of cute babies around at the moment!

My Mother in law Margaret with Christian and his Aunty Liz.

There were a heap of fake snakes laying here and there in the bushes.

The crocodile is never very active when we're there and this time was not really an exception although he did slowly float to the top of his tank.

I have no idea what type of bird this is but he was very pretty.

The triplets, Christian's cousin Lisa and Margaret's partner Gary.

Otters are so cute!

I've never really liked the Orangutans before but they were rather interesting today. I named this one Mr Grumpy :)

A baby playing with his surprise box

Blink and you'll miss it! My action shot of this big boy!

I refuse to believe that this sequence was caused by my crappy photography skills and still insist that the tortoise was dashing away on a very important errand!

I love Meer cats, they are some of my fave animals at the zoo and just so darned cute!

This one was standing right up against the glass and I managed to get a shot from right above him.

Another animal in the African Savannah who was right up against the edge of his enclosure was the Rhino.

Zebra butt!

I didn't get the name of this tree but I thought the...nuts...were a very interesting shape lol

Christian is never cooperative when it comes to getting photos of me, he hates having pics taken of him and I'm sure he thinks that anyone who requests to have their photo taken is a bit up themselves. And so I didn't even bother asking him to take a pic of my outfit. But just to give you a run down, at the beginning of the day I was dressed in my blue snoopy tshirt, a black skirt, my new leggings with stars, my silver Doc Martens, huge hoop earrings and the blue newsboy knitted hat Shawna sent me. I did take the hat off for the zoo because it was rather warm but I did manage to get a photo of my leggings and shoes for you!

Nothing else much has been going on. I have been having heaps of trouble getting a replacement usb charger for my Kindle because Amazon will only post it to America, not Australia and so I can't use my Kindle. I tried contacting them but because I received it as a gift and there's no record of me buying one through my Amazon account, they won't help me *sigh*.
If any of my American friends could get one and send it to me, I would love you forever! I have a paypal account and am more than happy to send you the money for the cord plus the extra postage. It would mean so much to me especially since I'm about to give up and throw my damn Kindle away! lol

Okie, that's about it now, take care, chat later xxx


Hieronymous Anonymous said...

"I've never really liked the Orangutans before but they were rather interesting today. I named this one Mr Grumpy :)"

I actually laughed out loud and, since I'm reading this at work, that's not great.

LOVE the picture of the Meerkat, and I am SO jealous of your leggings and boots!

I'm glad you guys had such a good day.

Shawna said...

Great pics, hon! Love the Meerkat and your leggings and shoes! The fake snakes are amazingly lifelike, and Owen's a doll. :-)

You said your otters are smaller than ours, but they look like they're about the same size as the otters in our zoo. And, yes, clearly that tortoise is doing Important Tortoise Things! ;-)

Looks like you had a great day--thanks for sharing it with us! *hugs*

Mouse said...

Your leggings and boots are great!
I also love meerkats. Any time we visit a zoo which has some I spend ages watching them until Chris has to almost drag me away.