Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wassup homies???

I haven't done a post in a while and although I have very little of interest to say, I figured I should post just to keep the habit going.

I'm currently chatting to Boo on msn and am going to be phoning Mouse tomorrow night (hopefully) and it's all making me terribly excited about the upcoming visit. To make things even worse, I have been going back and reading Boo's old blog posts about my last visit and now I'm twitching with excitement. According to Boo it's only 13 weeks away! Yay!
We've all been throwing around ideas for what we can get up to while we're there and so far we have : see some castles, go to some festival shows, see the differences between their beaches and ours, have a fancy dress party, wander about town, climb 'the big hill' again, Zeph's baby naming ceremony and maybe an overnight trip somewhere. And there's more I'm sure I've forgotten to mention. It's going to be an awesome trip!

I bought some new plants for my garden the other day and I potted them today. They are a different type of Dahlia, I haven't seem them before. There is an orange one (Mars), a yellow one (sun) and a purple one (star) and they are very very pretty. They are lined up along my front window and hopefully they will not get stolen, as some of my more cynical friends have predicted...

I've been wanting to get more active and so a couple of weeks ago my best friend and I bought some bikes. We've been trying to ride together as often as we can and we've averaged once or twice a week which considering I'm working two jobs and he works shift work, isn't too bad. I'm also going hiking with a girlfriend tomorrow which will be fun but punishing as I know I'm really unfit at the moment. But it's more about actually getting out there and doing something, anything, other than sitting on the couch. My jobs are more physical than a desk job but I'm still not doing gruelling work so I need to be more active after work. Hopefully I shall keep it up this time (how many times have you all heard that? lol).

And finally, I am thinking of growing my fringe out. I do like it, but I'm not sure if it suits me or not...what do you guys think? I just feel like I can not do much with least if the fringe is long I can pull it back...ack, I don't know...

Me with the fringe and hair down. My hair had been straightened here and it hasn't been since lol. It's normally much more messier than this, it rarely looks brushed.

With fringe and hair back (and looking unbrushed).

With long hair and fringe, tied back.

And finally long hair and fringe, down (and looking unbrushed)


Hieronymous Anonymous said...

Oooh, so excited about your visit!

As for the hair, I don't know. You look damn good either way.
I suppose my favourite picture is the first one, but then you say it's not a normal look for you, so I DON'T KNOW!


oppiejoe said...

Sorry... my opinion is biased about how you look all the time

Shawna said...

I like the second and fourth pictures of you best. But that might just be because (to me, at least) you look more relaxed in those. But you look good in all of them!

Mouse said...

I thought I'd commented here! Well, i might as well give my opinion anyway - I like the last picture best. You look really pretty. :)

(Word verification - 'ingless'. Apparently I'm all out of ings!)