Thursday, June 12, 2008

Back from the dead.

Well, my computer is anyway!
It kind of died a little while back and so Christian had a looksie at it. Even though we keep our anti-virus software pretty much up to date, my poor baby was awash with viruses. For a while there it looked like she wouldn't make it but Doc Christian pulled off a miracle and she lives to tell another tale!

So what's new? Um, let me see. I've started my new hours at work this week, yay! I've dropped down to fifteen hours a week over three days to try and get my stress levels down. I walked into work on Monday after having slept in till half seven, done the dishes, headed to the gym and then gotten across to Medicare to finally cash in my rebates that have been sitting there since Christmas. Considering I only had a measly five hours to work it was no wonder I had a huge grin on my face.
I have already said yes to some extra hours because no matter how much more I relax I can't deny the fact that we won't have nearly as much money coming in now. So I'm doing an extra shift next week and over the school holidays I'll be working everyday. But I can live with that.

I haven't updated my Nettie Challenge blog for a while, I'm so naughty. I'll get an update done on Saturday when I have my weigh in although I'm not expecting any miracles there. The few weeks I didn't have a computer meant no online calorie counter either and I must admit that I was no where near as strict as I should have been. I didn't really put any weight on but I didn't lose any either. I've been very good this past week with lots of exercise and so forth so we'll see how I go.

The only other thing that's really of any interest kind of relates back to the last paragraph anyway. I've been going on some really nice hikes lately and I've found that to be really relaxing as well as strenuous...if that makes any sense! It's hard work and is a great form of exercise but at the same time I really enjoy it and am finding it really relaxing to be in the middle of the bush just enjoying the scenery. There's been two that I'm going to try and do regularly. One of them is an 8km loop trail that goes past the place where we went camping and then comes out above the weir. The last 5kms are very tough, there's a lot of ups and downs but also some great views.
The second hike starts at Rocky Pools at the bottom of 'the hill' (Greenmount) and winds it's way along Jane Brook and you eventually end up at the water fall at John Forrest National Park and then we follow the Heritage Trail back down the hill. It's very bush-walky in that the trail on the way up is almost non existent, very narrow and there's lots of climbing up rock faces and trying not to fall on your arse on the way down but it's cool in the fact that you're climbing up the side of a mountain (albeit not a very big one but they are technically mountain ranges) without really realising it.

Both of these hikes have such gorgeous scenery so I really hope that Boo and Mouse bring their walking shoes with them when they come because I really think that it's a great way to see the natural Aussie bush. In the meantime however I'll try and lug my camera along for the next one and get pics for you all.


Rebecca said...

Was the cut back in hours really your idea because of stress? Working various or fluctuating shifts is sometimes unsettling to the body too though. Learning to live on one salary can be a very smart idea because that sort or readjusts your budget in almost the same way as reducing calories and becoming more fit! Having a computer that doesn't want to work though, THAT SUKS!!! I'm glad it seems to be jogging on now though.

Nettie said...

The cut back in hours was definitely my idea! I just was not coping with working full time in a job where I was the most experienced teller so everything was getting dumped on me plus dealing with fertility treatment and appointments.
It's only a six month contract however so if I don't like less hours I can revert back to fulltime once it's over.

Shawna said...

Glad you're going to be less stressed at work! And I would love to see some pics of where you go a-wanderin'.


oppiejoe said...

Kewl Beans on the less work and more walks... that would help me out enormously.

Mouse said...

I'd definitely like to see some of the natural Aussie bush! [/dirty mind]