Monday, May 19, 2008

Cake time

I spent half of this past Sunday helping Barb make another one of her wonderful cake creations. The lucky recipient this time round was Barb's nephew Jacob who was turning four. Jakey is a huge Doctor Who fan so what does Barb do? She decides to make a TARDIS cake!

I arrived just after Barb had finished piecing together the layers of sponge and gave her a bit of a hand with the decorating. Well, when I say 'a hand' it means that for the first part I was just moral support and someone to talk to and then later on as it was almost completed I made the little light for on top, the notice for the front door and helped re-make the windows.

I still have blue fingers from the food colouring.

Apparently the cake was a hit at Jakey's party :)

I thought I'd also throw in photos of some of the other cakes Barb has made too. I know I've posted a few of these before in various posts but here they are in one easy collection for your admiration.

Damn I hate her talent! ;-)

This is Darcie's Bratz cake. It took Barb two hours to make and that included the baking and cooling of the actual cake. Barb said she felt like she cheated Darce slightly as she put in next to no effort. I don't think Darcie cared though since it looked great.

This is Chiara's Fairy Garden. Yet another cake in which Barb put in little effort (and I don't mean this in a bad way - I mean that she didn't spend the entire day on it like she did with the TARDIS).

Caleb's Spiderman cake. It went really well with all the Spiderman cups and plates although everyone had red fingers after eating it.

This was a Stegosaurus for our second cousin Win. It looked much better in real life as it was quite 3D.

Barb had had slightly different plans for this cake if I remember correctly. There was an accident in the fridge involving a stray jar of pickles and this was the hasty clean up job. The kids loved it however and all fought over who would get to eat the toadstools.

This is the doggie cake that Barb made for me many years ago. The pic isn't that great since it was taken on my old camera.

There are a few other cakes that she has made that we just don't have photos of or we can't find the pics for. There was a gorgeous Princess Castle that Barb made for Chiara's 3rd birthday that was held at a play centre and although I distinctly remember taking photos at the time, I cannot for the life of me find them on the computer.
Another cake that was a certified hit was made for Caleb while I was in Edinburgh. It was of the lion from Madagascar and I know Barb has that photo on her puter so as soon as she emails it to me, I'll edit this post.
There was also a swimming pool cake that Caleb had at his 2nd birthday but again, I can't find any photos of it. And back before any of us had a digital camera Barb made Christian a Hanky the Christmas Poo cake. Such a pity there's no photographic evidence.

Next weekend is Caleb's 4th birthday and Barb is planning on going the 'simple' option and making him a Light Sabre cake so I'll be sure to get a photo. And it won't be long until my birthday and we have big plans for my cake since I didn't get one last year. There will be two cakes - one will be a traditional type of cake and the other will be a coffin or headstone cake and so everyone will have the option of having Cake or Death :-)


Hieronymous Anonymous said...

Bloody hell, Barb's talented!

Also, I love the idea of the cake or death choice!

Smerk said...

lol. Death by cake, please!

MadCarlotta said...

Damn you! I'm trying to start Atkinsing again and now all I want to do is make cake!!

She is very talented!

Mouse said...

Cake, please!

Dammit, Barb's really good at cakes... ;-)

Rebecca said...

Oh HO these are GREAT!!! I admire folks who can do cakes like this...and then I eat them (the cakes)!

Nettie said...

I'm thinking I'm going to ask Barb to do a MoH cake for when you guys come to visit, Boo and Mouse. I wonder if she could make a Jackalope?

Shawna said...

A jackalope cake would be cool! Barb's very talented--I don't have the patience to do that kind of stuff with cakes!

LaMa said...

Holy Cannelony, those are beautiful cakes! A pitty to eat them.