Saturday, May 05, 2007

Who noticed?

I thought I'd lay to rest Cigarettes Alcohol and Rollerblading as the title of this blog as I feel the Father Ted reference my be a tad ambiguous. I've had several people comment that as I don't smoke, rarely drink and have only rollerbladed in the distant past it seems an odd choice of title.

I then have to launch into the whole lent explanation and end up sounding odder than usual.

So, in keeping with the general atmosphere of my blog, The Natterings Of Nettie is born.

CA&R will live on however as I do hope to win the 'longest url' competition one day.


Nettie said...

Oh, and somewhere along the line they've changed it so I can actually use the name Nettie. When I first attempted that I was told 'this user name already exists - please chose another'.
Perhaps when it changed to Beta???

Anyway, I won't complain. It will be a lot less confusing now!

Wolfbyte said...

Well I guess that this would be better than the alternative which was, of course, to take up Smoking like a Chimney, Drinking like a Fish and Rollerblading like a...Think that rollerblades lots...A Hippo or something.

I don't know.

smerk said...

Change noted. At least it's just bookmarked as "Nettie's Blog" in my favourites. :)

MadCarlotta said...

[embarassed]I didn't notice until you mentioned it[/embarassed]

Accipiter said...

Aaaaaaaa! I'm all confused now! My life is in chaos! Reality lies in shattered ruin at my feet!

*starts blubbering*

Mouse said...

I don't think anyone's asked about the name of mine.

Wolfbyte said...

Ooh there are a few possibilities. It could be a reference. It could be a Star Trek Deep Space 9 reference. Or it could be a reference to various predators like the weasel or the wolf.

Do I win a prize? Or is it something more specific than that?

Mouse said...

It's a fair bit more specific than that! ;-)

Nettie said...

It's Ok Mike, you can win my toothbrush!