Saturday, May 19, 2007

Spiderman 3

No, not the movie. My nephew Caleb, who is Spiderman mad celebrated his third birthday today and in honour of this momentous occasion, a Spiderman party was held.

As part of his present, Barb and Mike bought Caleb a reversible Spiderman suit, worn normally and it's the traditional red and blue suit, tun it inside out and it's the creepy black suit from the latest movie. What I think is so adorable about it is the inflated chest muscles on it. He looks so cute!

Barb is famous for the birthday cakes she makes. She's made everything from a train, a Barbie fairy garden, a dog, a dinosaur, numerous dolly varden cakes, even Hanky, the Christmas Poo. She wanted to make Caleb a Spiderman cake and started working on these elaborate spiders made from moulding icing but in the end she wasn't happy with them so didn't use them. Eventually she ran out of time and at 2 in the morning before the party she whipped up the cake below featuring Spiderman's mask. She says she's disappointed that it didn't turn out the way she wanted but I think it's bloody fantastic!

In addition to the Spiderman cake, Barb went whole hog with the licensed party paraphernalia. The kids had a Spiderman tablecloth, cups, plates, hats, lolly bags, drink bottles, even the balloons were blue and red. Caleb just loved it all.

Jo and Darcie drove up from their place for the day and also brought Shiver with them. No longer a tiny puppy, Shiver has shot up and is now the same size as Malta. The two of them spent the whole day playing in a rather exuberant fashion, knocking several children down in the process. I took a photo of them and contrary to what it looks like, they're not trying to a) kill each other or b) make lots of dingo/mastiff babies.

Darcie grabbed hold of my camera at one stage and took a few photos, mainly of me. She's the right little professional, telling me to stand up, sit down, do this or that. She also demanded that I stick my tongue out. It's by far the best photo so I thought I'd share it with you (and best as in centred and in focus - it's a rather shocking pic of me in general)

Scott and Mike also came and it's amazing just how much like my Dad my brother is becoming. The resemblance is amazing!
It was great to catch up with them and I just want to say a huge congratulations to Mike for making his first front page of The West Australian. He scored a coveted position as Cadet Journalist for the state's paper and has had quite a few articles published so far but this was his first front cover. It was an article about a 97 year old man who has just taken up helicopter flight lessons, but Mike says he'll be much more excited when he gets a breaking news front cover. I say he kicks ass anyway!

Oh, and looksie what I got! A photo of Mike (Wolfbyte) actually being affectionate towards Malta. He was complaining earlier how he never wanted the dog and how annoying she is but shut up soon after I pointed out he's actually admitted on his blog that he loves her, even though it was in the middle of a rant about how annoying she is. Then I walk in the house a short while later and low and behold, the two of them are snugged up on the couch having a cuddle.
Not that this is going to change the world or anything, I just wanted to have proof that deep down he thinks she's alright!

So, that's about all I have to report on the Spiderman party. You should get another post with photos this weekend though as there's a track day tomorrow that Christian is taking his GTZ down to and Mike (Brooksey) might turn up with his GTR. For those of you who don't like cool cars, it might bore the crap out of you, but tough. I didn't get to be Deputy Curator in charge of fast cars for nothing!


Mouse said...

It looks like Caleb had a great day, and wish him a happy birthday for me, please!

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

What a very cool party. Happy birthday to Caleb, and congratulations to Barb on the cake!

(Cute dogs, too.) ;-)

Smerk said...

Yup, Spiderman certainly seems popular at the moment. :)

accipiter said...

I've never had a birthday party. Maybe I should go visit Nettie for my next birthday.

And congratulations to Mike!

oppiejoe said...

Yay Spidey!

You set my heart aflutter with the tongue pic Nettie :)