Friday, May 25, 2007

I'm just a scaredy cat

Now, I'm willing to admit that I may have overreacted slightly here.

I'm the sort of person who constantly worries about everything, be it about the starving Jackalopes in Ethiopia to whether or not I'll like it at my new branch.

I can tell you know that I should not have worried at all (yes, yes, I'm expecting about half a dozen 'I told you so's in the comments :-P).
My new branch is fantastic.
It's very, very, very busy compared to my previous one but that can be a good thing. For one, I'm not Teller A so I spend a heap more time on the counter which means I see more customers and get more referrals. I actually got double my target this week and although it was helped a lot by one of the CSR2's giving me all her walk-ups, I actually got a heap of people down the front all by myself.

I was so proud.

I have to fax my results sheet to my old branch each week (I'm still officially attached to Basso until they decide if I'm staying here or not) and I made the comment on it for my old manager 'Do you know how freakin sweet it feels to actually make my targets for once? I love it here!'.

Also, one of the things I was worried about was if everyone would like me or not. For some reason I have this fear that everyone will hate me and they won't give me a chance. My friend Mike tried to reassure me last week about this by saying 'Just go in there, be yourself, be happy and cheerful like you always are and they'll love you'. But I worried that it wouldn't turn out like that.
I get on really well with everyone so once again, shouldn't have worried. Overall, the people who work there are a lot younger than my old co-workers and it's actually really nice to be working with people in my own age group. Also the branch is very social, I'm already booked in to go to the movies with them in two weeks and then to lunch a couple of weeks after that, and there was one dinner I can't make as I have plans. So very busy with the fraternising! It's really nice when you can get to know people out of work so it's going to be great.

So overall it was a great week. I've had a few run-ins with customers but in general it's going well. I even got a scratchie because today I served about a hundred customers more than any of the other tellers (256 in total) so it's nice to be rewarded for something else other than making your referral target.

Ok, that's about it for now. I'm going out tomorrow night so I'll try and get photos for you all.
Have a great weekend!


oppiejoe said...

Wonderful... glad to hear you are doing well.

And just to let you know... I haven't really met you, but I LIKE you a lot... you seem to be a very nice and interesting person. If that part of you comes through here online, then it must be very easy to see IRL® ;)

MadCarlotta said...


Did I leave a reassuring comment that I could now say "I told you so" about? Hrm, I don't think I did, I haven't been a good blog commenter the past week and a half.

Anyway, I would have reassured you if I was being up to snuff, rest assured!

Tah said...

Don't worry, I won't tell you "I told you so." But that's only because I recently started reading your blog and I didn't feel right commenting on an 'old' post when I read it. So...

I almost told you so!

Glad the new branch is working out so well. And I agree with what Joe said. (Though I think that about almost all the regulars at MoH.)

Nettie said...

Awwww, aren't you guys just the sweetest!


Mouse said...

I did tell you so... ;-)
Yay for beating your targets (and I told you that too)!

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

I told you so. ;-)
And I'm very proud of you.