Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sounds of nature

Christian and I had gone to bed and could hears noises coming from the pond across the road.

Me - Is that ducks making that noise?
C- Ah no. That would be frogs.
Me -  They sound like ducks. *pause* Do you think it's a defense mechanism?
C - What is?
Me - The frogs, sounding like ducks. I tried to think of what eat frogs and I can only think of birds and obviously another bird isn't going to eat a duck. It would fly down for dinner and then be like 'Oh shit, it's Mrs Johnston!'
C - Snakes eat frogs.
Me - So the frogs sound like ducks so snakes won't eat them.
C - If you say so.
Me - Hang on, do snakes have ears? Can they even hear???
C - Yes, they have ear holes.
Me - In Gary Larson comics snakes always have ear lobes. But then again, the snakes are always in a loungeroom and Mrs Snake is wearing earrings and pearls and Mr Snake is wearing glasses and reading a paper.
C - ...I'm going to sleep now.
Me - Oh, ok. Night.


Mouse said...

LOL! Sounds like late-night conversations here...

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