Monday, October 01, 2012

The Gardening Finals

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, the Spring Gardening Finals weekend has drawn to a close and what a weekend it was! We had some amazing match ups, some shock losses, triumphant winners and most of all, much gardening fun! If you missed all the action, catch up with what happened in our match by match run down!

Match 1 - Team Annie VS Team Flower Beds

TFB looked strong coming into this match. The late rains had added fuel to their fire and they had some strong looking weeds. However, the first half saw TA make an early attack on TFB's left flank and it really looked like TA had the match in the bag. There was some calculated forking and TA really dug down deep and grabbed most of those weeds by the roots. TFB did manage a few evasive maneuvers but all in all they were not looking good by half time.
TFB did have a trick left up their sleeves however. Carpal Tunnel, who used to play for TA made his appearance in the second half and boy, did he show TA who's boss! Some great team work with Deep Rooted Grass really has TA struggling and it looked like they had this match lost for sure! The way this game was see-sawing backwards and forwards had everyone on the edge of their seats. Could TA make a late surge? Or would TFB just be too strong?
Then TA pulled out the wild card! Poison! We have never seen TA use this move in all their games against TFB! But that Deep Rooted Grass is just too persistent!
It came down to the wire but TA came home in the end.

Match 2 - Team Annie VS Front Lawn

Match forfeited by FL as their main player, Lawn Mower was injured and could not play.

Match 3 - Team Annie VS Lantana

TA came into this game as the favourites. Their win against TFB earlier in the day, plus the rest they had due to the forfeit really put the odds in their favour. Lantana however has never been easy to beat.
Lantana bought some of their most prickly players with them and most this year seem to have a height advantage.
Yet again TA started strong, really attacking Lantana's lower branches, and making great use of their most aggressive player,  Long Handled Pruner. TA made some great headway, despite numerous small injuries to Easily Scratched Forearms. Lantana have always been known for their aggressiveness and TA really had to use every ounce of their courage to keep on top of this beast of a team.
The second half saw TA really begin to struggle. Their defense, Wheelie Bin was just finding Lantana too much to handle. It was obvious he wasn't going to be able to take much more of what Lantana threw at him.
And then Lantana pulled out their signature move! Allergies! TA had been confident that they could counter this, but in the end it proved just too strong for them. Lantana followed this in quick succession with Major Hives Outbreak and TA just crumpled under the pressure.

Grand Final - Lantana VS Back Yard

Tune in next time to find out who will win the ultimate battle - Lantana or Back Yard! Both are strong teams, however Back Yard has stronger team play and really seem to have a broader skill. On the other hand, Lantana is more aggressive and will use that to their advantage.
However is goes down, one thing is certain. This will be an epic battle!


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