Monday, January 24, 2011

Fresh is best

This time of the year is one of the best times here for getting a good range of fresh fruit and veg and since I've been making a real effort to eat more fresh foods, this has been very timely.
I thought that tonight I would take some pics of what we had for dinner :)

The menu is Teryiaki chicken stirfry with fruit salad and icecream for dessert.

It was only after I got back from the shop that I realised that I didn't have as big a selection of veggies as I would normally include in a stirfry so tonight's ingredients were pretty basic.

Cooking the chicken. Somewhere in there is a chunk of my thumb...

Add veggies and sauce. Nom nom nom.

I'm one of the weird people who can't handle eating noodles. It's the soft, squishy texture. I know they're essentially the same as pasta but I eat my pasta al dente...
So we have our stirfries with rice.

It's stone fruit season here which means that for about two months we get a supply of nectarines, peaches, apricots and cherries. For about two weeks they are actually affordable.
I live down the road from the major wine region in WA but as of yet, the vineyards aren't selling their table grapes and so I had to part with a large sum of my hard earned cash to buy them from the supermarket.

The fresh peaches didn't look all that nice so I went with tinned. Tinned peaches always make fruit salad feel a little more 'desserty' anyway I feel.

And serve with icecream. Yummy!

We enjoyed our dinner very much. It might not make for such exciting photos as octopi but it was tasty and healthy :)


Hieronymous Anonymous said...

Looks so good! (Well, apart from the carrot and broccolli...)

I really must make a fruit salad again soon, but all the fruits are so expensive here at this time of year!

Shawna said...

Looks like a really yummy dinner! I haven't made a fruit salad in forever! I found a recipe for one drizzled with a honey sauce that I want to try, but I may have to wait until summer.

Acci said...

There's something about teryiaki flavouring that I just don't quite like that much. I'm not sure just what, though. Oh well, I suppose that you won't be coming over here to cook that for me after all.

Maybe I'll have you make something else for me instead. . .

Mouse said...