Thursday, January 27, 2011

The chicken and the egg

Christian cooked dinner tonight and he made scrambled eggs. In order to complete his culinary vision, he had to go buy some eggs. When I saw the eggs he had bought, I smacked him round the head and told him very plainly that in this household we don't buy cage eggs, only free range or cage free.
This is the conversation that followed.

Christian: Does it really matter?
Me: Yes! I don't want anything to do with stuffing chickens in tiny little boxes! See, listen to this. 'These fresh eggs are laid by healthy, grain fed hens that roam free in large, cage free barns, safe from predators. They have fresh air, natural light, perches, constant access to food and water, and nests in which to lay their eggs'. See, much nicer than a box!
C: (laughing) Nests???
M: What's so funny? My chickens had nests when we were kids!
C: They don't have nests, they have the floor of a warehouse!
M: No they don't, it's a barn! They have perches!
C: Oooooooh, they have a bar! (waves his hands around like a pansy)
M: You're not very nice sometimes, did you know that?
C: I just recognise reality. You seem to have this delusion about the chickens being in a day spa! (waves hands around like a pansy again)
M: Bugger off.

Honestly, sometimes he drives me mad. Anyone want to take him off my hands??? lol


Nettie said...

Oh and by the way, the part I read out to him about the cage-free conditions was from our empty egg carton...

Mouse said...

I agree with you.
We only buy free-range eggs. I don't see why I should encourage unnecessary cruelty by buying eggs from caged hens.