Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Last Sunday was a sad day.
Dad had been visiting from Canada and he had to go back home :(

I had a great time while he was here and I'm looking forward to visiting him again next year. It's so hard, knowing he's so far away. When he's here, it's like he never left, nothing has changed. And now I can feel the great distance between us and it makes me miss my Daddy so much :(

I may be in my thirties now but you never stop being a little girl when you're around your Dad. Especially when he's such a joy to be around. The photo below is a perfect example of how wonderful he is. Dad is always up for a joke, can't keep a straight face in photos and is ultra supportive.


Mouse said...

*like*! ;-)

Shawna said...

I'm so glad you have such a wonderful Dad. :-) Sorry he lives so far away, though. *bighugs*

Hieronymous Anonymous said...

I wish I could meet your dad - he looks like such a lovely man. :)