Monday, January 07, 2008

The worst of Perth

The last few days haven't been the best for me. Last Thursday I woke up and found that I couldn't move my neck from side to side and when I even attempted to it hurt like crazy.
I'm stubborn though and since my next chiro appointment wasn't for another month I plodded off to work and just put up with it. I felt like, and must have looked like, a robot. My moves were so stiff and mechanical.
Stubbornness however can't break the pain barrier and by Thursday night I had to admit to myself that I had to make a chiro appointment - pronto. My regular guy was away on holidays but his brother (also a chiro) fills in for him and so I had no problems getting an appointment the next day.
Naturally (this is me we're talking about) I felt guilty about not going into work, especially on a Friday but my neck had gotten to the point that I had no choice. Apart from sharp stabby nerve pinchy pains I also has muscle soreness from trying to hold my neck straight and a constant headache, probably caused by tension.
My fill-in chiro figured out what was wrong (sublaxation C5 was mentioned but I only have a vague idea of what that means) and started the slow process of fixing me. He also gave me a certificate for work and told me I was to take it easy for the entire weekend and was also to stay home today.

So, in between an achy neck, spasms of guilt and bouts of feeling sorry for myself, I had to find a way to keep myself occupied today. Mikey had mentioned to me a blog called The Worst of Perth so I thought I'd check it out. It was well worth it!
Basically it's a blog that highlights the low points of Perth. Dodgy sculptures, god awful architecture, painful colour schemes, the lot. The guy who runs the site must live around my area because the surrounding areas feature prominently. The purple church across the road from me gets a dishonourable mention, and there are so many places on Morley Drive featured (that's the major road I live just off of) that the whole road has become a bit of a joke.
I know that at the end of this year (how I wish it were sooner) a few of you are going to come visit me so I highly recommend that you check out the site and make a list of the worst places in Perth you'd like to sightsee to. I think it's going to be a heap of fun!


Anonymous said...

Hi mate. Saw the link through the stats. I'm glad you like the blog.I hope it can exert a wholesome healing influence on you.

Nettie said...

lol, I'll make sure I take my trusty camera about with me so I can snap some places that will hopefully be worthy!

Mouse said...

Heh, there's quite a few monstrosities in Perth, apparently!

LaMa said...

* massages Nettie's neck *

Hmmm, that's an idea: "The Worst of My Town"...