Friday, January 25, 2008

Pinged by Neo

Okie, I've been saying I'll do it for a while now so here it finally is. My 'things to do before I kick the bucket' list. One item for each year I've been on this Earth.

1. Take dancing lessons. *
2. Join a choir. I can't sing but I love doing it and in a choir no one can hear your squeals ;-)
3. Finish the story I've been working on for years but keep putting off because I don't have time.
4. Have a baby.
5. Travel to Canada to see my Dad. *
6. Travel to New Zealand.
7. See snow up close and personal (meaning not seeing snow on a distant mountain while driving to Loch Ness)
8. Own my dream car, if I can ever figure out exactly what it is.
9. Own a brand new, never been driven car.
10. Pay off the mortgage.
11. Retire.
12. Travel around Australia.
13. Walk into the caldera of a volcano.
14. Take a tour of The Zone of Alienation, Chernobyl and Pripiat.
15. Visit Edinburgh again.
16. Have another MoH reunion. *
17. Grow old with Christian.
18. Win lotto (how realistic does this list have to be???)
19. Finally put up a patio.
20. Teach my niece how to drive when she's old enough.
21. Go on another cruise.
22. Gain more self confidence.
23. Overcome my fear of the dentist so I actually go.
24. Become more assertive.
25. Find and then keep more friends who don't take advantage of me.
26. Learn how to heel-toe properly.
27. Fork out the ridiculous amount of money for coloured contacts so I can have green eyes, if only for a little while.
28. Die before Christian. I couldn't stand being alive without him. Preferably we'd die together. Or maybe he'd kill me in a murder/suicide. Which is likely since I drive him mad. But that would still qualify as me dying before him. Unless of course his aim is off centre,then he shoots himself and then I die later from blood loss.
Crap. Maybe I should discuss this with him...

Oh, the * stands for items that I will hopefully be able to cross of my list by the end of this year. I'm taking Jazz Funk classes as of next week, Boo and Mouse are coming to visit me in October for two weeks and I'm going to visit my Dad the following two weeks.


Mouse said...

'Interesting' choice for number 28, sweetie... *patpat*

Tah said...

Hah. Very good list.

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

I adore your number 28.
And I'm looking forward to seeing you.

LaMa said...

You can hire me for #28, combined with # 16.... ;-)

accipiter said...

Depending on where in Canada your father is, you might be able to cross the volcano off your list by crossing the border and visiting Mount St. Helens in Washington State.

Of course, if your father lives in someplace like Newfoundland that might be a bit problematic.

NEO said...

Nice list, way to go!