Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Say what?

On Sunday Christian and I went down south to help a friend out with his rally practice day. Apart from getting covered in red dust and getting extremely sunburnt (it's winter for Christ's sake!) we had a great day.

Along the way we drove through numerous towns and I was struck yet again by the wonderful names they have. In fact, my dream job would be making up names for small Australian towns.

Here's a selection of towns we drove through on our short trip to Benger.

North Dandalup
And numerous other towns ending in 'up'!


Hieronymus Anonymous said...

Those are some wonderful words. They just roll off the tongue!

Mouse said...

When we come to visit, I may end up spending half my time taking photos of roadsigns.

Accipiter said...

We've got some fun names around here, too. Nassawadox, Wachapreague, Pungoteague, Assawoman, Onancock, Chincoteague, Wango, Pocomoke, Wetipquin, Chesaconessex, Nassawango, Wicomico. . .they remind me of characters from Star Wars or Asterix the Gaul.

Then we have all the names that we stole from Europe: Berlin, Salisbury, Oxford, Warwick, Christiana, Cambridge, Worchester, Dorset, Glasgow, even an Aberdeen.

My personal favourite has to be the little town of Bivalve, though.

smerk said...

I think (although I could be wrong) that placenames ending in "up" means that they're located near water.

thunderstruck said...

What mouse said!

Mort said...

Warawarrup sounds like the noise made when you swing a bag of cats aginst a brick wall.