Sunday, July 09, 2006

Can you hear the melody?

I'm not a big music fan. I listen to my mp3s in my car but I don't really listen to music at home and I rarely have the radio on. However I'm going to now share with you some of my favourite songs (unless of course you'd like to leave now - the door's over there *points*)

These songs I feel are timeless. No matter how often I hear them, they always feel fresh and leave me feeling upbeat and chirpy.
* Amazing by Alex Lloyd
*She will be loved by Maroon Five
* Where you end by Moby
* Everything you want by Vertical Horizon
* Magic Carpet Ride by Steppenwolf or any of the covers

The following are songs that are special to me in various ways.
* Throw your arms around me by Hunters and Collectors. About six months into our relationship Christian and I panicked slightly after realising that we didn't have a song. We finally settled on this one as it symbolises embracing the moment and living for today.
*Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden. From the moment this song was released I knew I wanted to walk down the isle to it. Six years later I finally did and Barb almost burst into tears when she heard the first notes, as she knew I'd been wanting it for so long. It's kind of replaced the above as 'our' song.
* Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd and Thunder Struck by ACDC. These were the two favourite songs of our friend Rob who was killed in a hit and run while he and Christian were walking home from basketball many years ago. Whenever I hear them it takes me back to an innocent time when we could laugh without wondering what the ultimate price would be.
*Pachabel's Canon. My favourite piece of music ever. It is enchanting, uplifting and so beautiful it can move me to tears.

On a final note I would like to say Happy Birthday to Christian and Barb, who brought so much pain and tearing to their mothers on the 8th of July ;-)
We went out for brekkie last weekend for Barb's celebrations and yesterday we had a barbie here for Christian. We had a lot of fun and ate way too much cake, and we also had several drinks. I must say I was definitely tipsy when I lit the bbq and if it wasn't for the more pressing concern of cooking various animal remains, I most likely would have crossed the line into 'inebriation'. However I paced myself after that and so remained slightly tipsy for the remainder of the evening. Christian also had a few drinks, staying clear of the Southers though as he really didn't want to do the whole 'bucks night alcohol poisoning' thing again. The vodka he consumed did make him slightly better at playing Guitar Hero than he normally is and it's a shame I couldn't find my camera. You'll just have to imagine how amusing it was!

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accipiter said...

Hmm, the only songs of those you mentioned that I'm familiar with are "Magic Carpet Ride", "Sweet Home Alabama", and Pachelbel's Canon. But I enjoy them all, too, so I'll assume that the rest of your musical tastes are just as good!