Friday, March 10, 2006

I feel such a fraud

Here I am, off sick for my third day in a row. However, unlike Wednesday or even yesterday, I am not hunched over the toilet trying to dislodge my inners, nor in a semi-comatose state, rather I am feeling almost 100% again and more than healthy enough to return to work.

Unfortunately, due to a silly legal technicality, I cannot return to work toady because my doctor told me to have today off and gave me a medical certificate covering me for Thursday and today. I rang my boss yesterday and told her what had transpired but I was feeling much better and would most likely be in today. She then told me that if I had a doctor's certificate, I couldn't come in to work as I would not be covered under insurance and if I injured myself or we were held up, I would be screwed.

So here I am, sitting at home, feeling like a fraud. I've never chucked a sickie when I wasn't sick. Even when I am truly sick, I feel guilty for not going into work. So I feel awful being at home when I feel well enough to work.

I know most of you are saying to yoursleves 'God I wish my doctor would give me a couple of days off' and I know I should just take it easy and make sure I'm completely recovered before I go back, but I feel bad for my colleagues. The work load gets harder on them and when we have a person off sick we almost always get out late.

But enough of my whinging for now. I'll try and make my next post about something happy and fun. Maybe about butterflies and balloons. Or something.


accipiter said...

Actually, it's after you start feeling better that you're often the most contagious. So you're not lounging around slothfully at home; you're gallantly locking yourself away in seclusion, sacrificing your freedom in order to save others from peril. See?

And the word verification below for today is "skiwt". Doesn't that sound like some sort of small bird? "Behold, 'tis the nest of a lesser ruffled skiwt in yon tree!"

Hieronymus Anonymous said...

Nettie, you're daft.
But that's one of the reasons I love you so.

(I got 'eellogs' as my word. Eel logs. Bizarre.)

thunderstruck said...

I don't like going sick from work, but that's only because I don't get paid :)